Tuesday, June 21, 2016

News and Number 600

Happy Summer- or Solstice, or however you term the season.
Lots of things happening- and just wanted to note that this is the 600th blog post! That's quite a record, as many start a blog, but fall off along the way. We're still going strong, and in fact will move the platform to a Wordpress site soon enough, to keep up with the times.

First bit of news- later this week we'll interview author Cheryl Hollon.

The excellent crime magazine Thuglit will soon be closing it's doors after a terrific eleven-year run of the best stories around.
I'm honored to report that my tale "Forever Amber" was accepted as the last story ever- for the upcoming final issue:

I'll be taking part at the Boothbay (Maine) Festival of Books on Saturday, July 9, along with the Sisters in Crime.

WEMF radio will interview me on July 14th. Tune in for a good time!

Then I'll be signing books with the NEHW at the Seacoast ComiCon in Kittery, ME on July 23rd.

So yeah- busy Summer ahead, and it's just started! See you soon!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

At the Ray Daniel Book Launch

Great night at the Brookline Booksmith store for the launch of the third Ray Daniel novel about Boston-hacker Tucker, Child Not Found.
Ray gave a short talk about the genesis of the novel, answered some questions, and got down to signing books.

To see an interview with Ray, click here.

Here's Ray getting ready. For a tech guy, he should know better than to wear a Red Shirt (all you Star Trek fans will understand!)

Saw a lot of people I know from the writing community. Jason Walcutt is up front, looking hard to impress. Behind him are Judy and Hans Copek, and to the far right of the picture is Mo Walsh. Far left you can just see Tom Lyons of the New England Mobile Bookfair, where Ray has held a previous launch. Ray's wife Karen is the middle of the front row. Not seen, on the left-hand side of the audience (the heckling section) is author Steve Ulfeder.

And what would a Boston-area book launch be without the talented Hank Phillippi Ryan?

Ray's brother Bob and niece Olivia came to support him.

Jay Shepherd and Lee McIntyre get their books signed

Hank with thriller writer Joe Finder

 Leslie Wheeler, in the middle, looks happy to get a copy

Steve and his wife Marsha join in

And this is Victor Shakespeare, a professional voiceover talent- wonder if he's any relation?

Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Holiday Weekend

Greetings- haven't posted a lot lately, as have been busy with mostly mundane matters of little interest to anyone else. Here are a few items I can report.

The audio for my latest book, More Fables and Fantasies is now out, narrated by the talented Julie Hinton. It's great, and at a bargain price!

Got a story acceptance from a great magazine- more details later, when I get an OK.

Working on another story for the NEHW anthology of Wicked Witches.

And of course, still working on the latest Zack Taylor novel (#5), A Sharp Medicine

And a few other projects of non-fiction ...

Can't wait to become an overnight sensation!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Another Portland Tour- Letterpress Books

Went back up to Portland to dine on Pat's Pizza, visit more bookstores, and get copies on their shelves.

And had a pleasant surprise to find an old friend as one of the team of owners of Letterpress Books.

Funny, because I'd donated to their IndieGogo campaign some time back to get startup costs for the store, but missed the names involved. And this was my first visit since they opened.
Great little store, with a nice selection of books, and a healthy inclusion of Maine authors.

They were nice enough to accept books of mine on consignment. Here's Kath stocking Zack Taylor mysteries.

And here they are, eagerly awaiting readers. Not far from Maine writer Chris Holm's The Killing Kind, the novel that is tearing up the book world with awards and honors and rave reviews.

Hope they catch the eye of shoppers

But that's not all- the store also now carries Halls of Horror, the book of short stories I dedicated to Stephen King (who was my writing instructor in college!). So guess where it ended up? Right next to King's books on the shelf. Appropriate, because my cover is a direct hommage to the master.

And the store is doing great, already winning awards, as you can see. 

So when you go up Portland way, stop in and browse for a great read. I plan to go up and sign books some Saturday afternoon this Summer.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Hank Phillippi Ryan and Hallie Ephron at the Chelmsford Library

The Chelmsford Library held an event featuring two superstars of the mystery writing world, Hank Phillippi Ryan and Hallie Ephron.

Becky Herrmann, from the library staff, was there to make sure that things ran smoothly

A huge crowd turned out for the show, to hear the talk on where these top writers get their ideas.

They were spellbinding, as usual, giving the audience a glimpse into the process that goes into making a good mystery novel.

Both authors are member of the Sisters in Crime (I'm a member as well), a group that helps promote women mystery writers.

After the talk, people came to get copies of their books...

And get them signed. Here's Dina getting an autographed copy.

And one from Hallie

Photo op with the ever-gracious Hank

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Portland Book Tour

Last week I went up to Portland, Maine, one of my favorite places, and my old stomping grounds, for a tour of different book places.

Sherman's, the big bookstore chain in Maine (that stays mainly on the plain), has a store in Portland, and agreed to take my Zack Taylor mystery series for sale at several locations around the state.

Here's what they've got for a start- seven copies each of the first four Zack Taylor novels, all freshly signed and set for Summer bookbuyers! Since it has a Portland setting, it's a natural.

These folks must have heard my books were now in!

When you're up that way, stop in, buy some books, and say hi to Josh, who was very helpful. 

If it's used books you want, stop in to The Green Hand, a lovely used bookstore on Congress Street.  Had a nice chat with the owner Michelle there, and browsed among the thousands of treasures.

And it's right around the corner from the International Cryptozoology Museum, the world's most fascinating collection of weird creature artifacts (even better than Ripley's!)

Loren Coleman runs the Museum, and was kind enough to read my book Shadow of the Wendigo, and say nice things about it, since it deals with a subject near and dear to his heart (no, not cannibalism!)
Now the museum stocks copies of the book, so you can have it signed by me and by Loren!

 And of course had to stop in to Portland's jewel, the public library, to discuss getting my books into their collection. After all, I'm listed in the Maine State library system as a Maine writer.

And of course had to stop and get my Pat's Pizza, still the best evah! Been eating it for 40 years, and it's still great!

It's always good to go back up. Even got to visit with some old friends and enjoy the day.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mystery at the Bakery

Had a fun morning today- got up early to take part in a public reading of Murder by the Minute at Benson's Bakery & Cafe in Hudson, NH. It's a lovely little place, with tasty treats and drinks.

 We were a few hardy mystery authors from Sisters in Crime to read from our works in progress.
Sharon Daynard (left) put this together for our location- there were others around New England this weekend. Lisa Haselton (right) came for support.

Our enthusiastic audience and support crew seemed happy to munch and sip and listen. 

Reading from their work were Anne Macdonald (left) and Ruth McCarty (center). 
Dan (front) is author support crew.

It was a nice gathering and conversation after the works were read.  
Thanks to all those who took part- this is one of the fun parts of being an author.