Saturday, January 19, 2019

Last Year in Review

Wow- it's been over a month since I last blogged. The trouble is, I usually get burned out in December, when the end of the year is nigh. Too many social engagements, too much left undone.

Last year was especially bad, and I was too depressed to write, due to the clown show that passes for government in this nation, from the treasonous, Russian-puppet, madman-in-chief, to his traitorous oligarch accomplices. They left the country to burn while they lined their pockets with bribes and stolen money amid their encouragement of racism and bigotry and hatred. The French peasantry had the right idea when their aristocracy went too far; too bad we can't have a dose of that here. There's a long list of villains I'd nominate for guillotine bait. But enough of that.

This last year was a busy one, but one in which I didn't publish a new novel. I wrote, but not enough. Worked on several novels, but only published a single new book of short stories, The Last Crooked Paths, and the collection of all three short books into one: All The Crooked Paths. Not as many stories out as in previous years. Am doing better this year, with over 15,000 new words in less than the first three weeks.

But still it was a banner year, with much going on. Here's some of what happened.
Don't let people tell you you can't be successful as an Independent author!
Attended book launches for friends, including Don Kaplan, Lee McIntyre, and Leslie Wheeler, and a group Noir at the Bar up in Maine.

Interviewed some pretty cool people, including Maine writer Dick Cass, local TV star reporter (and voice narrator) Josh Brogadir, forensic expert Geoff Symon, and journalist Dan Szczesny.
Attended Jeffrey Deaver's workshop, courtesy of the Mystery Writers of America.

Got featured on some awesome sites: the blog of top writer Carmen Amato, on Sci-Fi Saturday Night, on Killer Crafts & Crafty Killers, on the blog of fellow mystery author Dana King, and on Vlad Vaslyn's site, and a video interview by Kameel Nasr!

Gave workshops at the Derry, NH Author Fest and at the Lancaster, MA library, and did a talk at the Pelham, NH library. Sold books at the Boston Book Fair. Spoke on a panel about Sherlock Holmes at the Huntington Theater. Helped put on a Sherlock Holmes talk by Bob Fritsch, and a Christmas event for the Sisters in Crime.

It was a great year for bookstores (for a complete list of places that carry my books on their shelves, check out my website). We had a great signing at a Barnes and Noble in Conn. Got my books into new Indie bookstores in NH, CT, and MA. Thanks to new friends at Water Street Books, The Silver Unicorn, The Freethinker’s Corner Bookstore, and RiverRun Books.

And did book-signing events at my favorite local bookstore, the New England Mobile Book Fair, for Small Business Saturday, Independent Bookstore Day, and the fabulous annual Gala Mystery Night.

Sold books at some fun events, including the Chelmsford Farmer's Market, the Chelmsford Library, and the very cool Moxie Festival, up in Maine.

Lastly, I went to some awesome conferences. Crime Wave in Maine, Crime Bake in MA, Bouchercon, in FL (meeting the grandson of John D. MacDonald, Andrew, was an honor and a highlight), and best of all, Killer Nashville, in TN, where I got to meet a bunch of fun people, including one of my online idols, Indie guru JA Konrath, who is one cool and supportive writer.

So one wild ride last year. Going to be tough to top it, But this year have planned to publish three novels, and more stories. We'll see what the year brings.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Gala Mystery Night at New England Mobile Book Fair

We had another great night of mystery authors, food, and holiday cheer, all hosted by our favorite bookstore, the New England Mobile Book Fair.
Thanks to owner Tom Lyons and the staff, especially Mayre!

After we got set up and going, there was quite a crowd

We started some fun with author photos.
 To see an interview with Connie, click here

The always-wonderful Hank Phillippi Ryan

Even I get in on the action

And the music mermaid, Sharon Kathryn

Debut author William Goyette

The place quickly filled with authors and fans.
 To see an interview with Joanna, click here
 To see an interview with Ray, click here

To see an interview with Bruce, click here
To see an interview with Tilia, click here

Each author had a table for their books, which they could sign for fans who came to buy.

Speaking of fans, here are Robin and Stephen, who always get a basket of new books.
Thanks, you two!

Part of the night is how the store honors a writer with the Robert. B. Parker Award for excellence.
This year it went to William Martin

Tom Lyons (L), store owner, gives the speech

With wife Chris and Gary Braver

Tom poses with Lisa Lieberman, caught by surprise

Here's a better pic of Lisa.

Here I am with Gina Fava

And Gina with Leslie Wheeler

 Elizabeth, Joanna, Tilia

Paula Munier, Elizabeth, Tom

The Dynamic Duo of Ray Daniel and Jay Shepherd

Sarah, Clea Simon, Elizabeth

And Clea with Dave Zeltserman on her right

Edwin Hill

Joe Finder with Hank

And Hank with hubby Jonathan

And J.M. Taylor, over by the bookcases.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

It's a Mysterious Christmas with SinCNE

Sisters in Crime (New England chapter) started the holiday season with a lovely gathering at the Chelmsford Center for the Arts, who graciously hosted a terrific spot for us to meet.
(And we've already booked for next year! Bigger and Better! Thank you, Susan!)
Seen far R is Arlene Kay
To see an interview with Arlene, click here

We had authors galore! Here's Edith Maxwell, Connie Johnson Hambley, and Sheila Connolly
To see an interview with Edith, click here
To see an interview with Connie, click here

Soon-to-be-debut author, Nicole Asselin

We had a cash bar! Lisa Lieberman goes for holiday cheer, while Scott looks on.

And food! The line for tasty treats by local company, Carven Catering

 Kathryn Gandek-Tighe and Lisa

Katy Lee joins in the fun

Diane Kane (R) and co-author friend, with new book!

Connie, Scott, and Mo Walsh

We also had a book swap- bring one, get a new one!

First reader to pick- getting Ursula Wong's Amber Wolf.
Ursula provided lovely decorations, and guests got to take home the scented candle centerpieces.
To see an interview with Ursula, click here

Mo gets a good one

Connie gets some more reading

Lovely time for chatting and catching up

So mark your calendars for the first Sunday of next December, for the next one!