Friday, January 1, 2010

Things for the New Year

There are many things I'd like to see in the new year for the people of the world. Let's start with some important issues for our country, things we all should see:

Proper and affordable health care for the citizens of this nation. Almost every other industrialized country has it, why are we the noncaring, dumbass exception?

Gooder education. Yeah, we're behind everyone else in this, too. Probably because we don't value intelligence in this country, and instead of spending money for teachers and strong, effective schools, we spend it on bombs overseas.

A robust economy-- uh, this doesn't mean giving millions of taxpayer dollars to rich people and banks.

A healthy infrastructure-- we need safe bridges, good roads, improved rail and public transport systems, among other things. Seems like a no-brainer.

Clean air, water, and food. Each year, thousands of Americans are killed because we have an apathetic lack of inspection and regulation of our food supply. More people are killed by dirty food each year than died in all the terror attacks combined. Where's the outrage?

An abatement of the slaughter and mayhem inflicted on human beings. Life is short enough, we don't need to prematurely end it.

A wake-up call for the American public, whose “leaders” do not represent the people, but are bribed by large corporations. Time to enable clean elections and stop voting for either “party” and support somebody else, someone that's not R or D.

A dose of reality for anyone who thinks we will win a “War on Terror.” (See the War on Poverty, the War on Drugs, War on Crime, etc. Last we checked, those are still flourishing, despite billions spent in the “War”.) Fighting for peace is like screwing for chastity. Every time we massacre a group of civilians in hopes of getting a few bad guys, we create more opponents than we killed. All those dead men, women, and children have relatives, friends, and vengeful sympathizers, in a homicidal rage against the folks that did the killing. And so it never, ever ends. Just from a numbers sense, when you create millions of opponents, who will do anything and everything to hurt you, chances are they're going to get a few good shots in. It's not “collateral damage”, it's the senseless slaughter of human beings, and yeah, those millions of people are outraged when we kill their countrymen. Duh. Oh, and by the way, this country is the biggest arms dealer in the world, selling weapons to people who often turn them back on us. How frigging stupid is that?

Another dose of reality for those who support unlimited wars, and yet who complain about their taxes (usually the same group). This country has over 750 military bases around the world, and we spend countless billions on them. So if you're all for that, shut your whining, hypocritical piehole about how high your taxes are. You want the Pax Americana, pony up and shut up. Some of us think that money could be better spent making us safe, happy, healthy, and prosperous. Geez, imagine.

Affordable, reasonable college educations. The middle class is getting crushed, and when the middle class goes down, this country is gone.

Golly, does that all seem like crazy stuff? Why are we choosing to make the world crappy, full of fear and murder? Why do we have millions without a job, millions more without healthcare? Are we too stupid to do better?

Another writer says some good things:

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