Friday, December 3, 2010

Latest Story Out

My latest story "Kamikaze Hipsters" is out today, as the first story in the new Dark Valentine anthology!

Check it out- and click on the Welcome Winter icon and be patient while all 3.3 MG loads. Then scroll through and enjoy the read, along with the wicked cool illustration by Mark Satchwill. This is quite an issue. Thanks to Editor Katherine Tomlinson for recognizing the merits of the story and showcasing it so well.

I'm quite fond of this one. The title came to me as I was sitting in a doctor's office, thinking very morbid thoughts. The title was so great I started writing it soon after, not knowing where it would go.

The writer Harlan Ellison is one of my favorites, and I feel this story is close to something like he'd do. Of course if he heard that, he'd get my address, come to my house, and beat me senseless. He is, after all, a writing god.

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