Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Poem Sale

Well, this has been a good month for poetry-- just sold "Memories" to Poetry Quarterly.

Only recently started in the poetry field, almost by accident. Had one I thought was worthy, and it got snapped up ("Dead Things," out in Ghostlight magazine), so dug through the files, dusted off some old words, and they shone.

Two new sales this month, and another considered with a small rewrite. That's two thirds of everything I'd written. Keeps me going, especially since the story sales have slowed. Need to write more, but am currently busy with two book revisions. Nice to know the work I can finish and submit so often finds a home.

In this field, I've found that the harder you work, the more you produce, and the luckier you get. If you want success, keep at it. No place for slackers.

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