Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Free Books, and Writers Pushed too Far

Yet another data point in telling how the big publishing houses take the money and leave the writers nothing but scraps. This is up on Joe Konrath's site.
Author Ann Voss Peterson who has 25 books, including one that sold 180,000 copies, and has earned her a mere $20,000.
On other books, she made less- 6 cents a copy. Pathetic.

At a conference panel, someone asked a big pub house rep how they expected writers to live on these miniscule payouts.
The response-- they didn't! They said that people should consider this a hobby, and keep their day job.

Wow-- another reason I will weep no tears for these dinosaur sweatshops going out of business, as their writers leave to self-publish and Indie publish. Bye-bye, big profits! Too bad you screwed your help so bad-- they might have stayed with you a little longer.

And The Passive Voice has a good posting on this subject: Ciao Publishers. Ciao Agents. Ciao slavery.

Kinda says it all.

So-- on to the free stuff. For a limited time, Ann is offering her thriller Pushed Too Far (no, it's not about her publishing experience, but it could be!) for free- grab a copy while you can.

And David Gaughran  is offering Let’s Get Digital for free-- a must-read for writers!

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