Monday, February 11, 2013

Warring With Trolls

My last post was on encountering trolls on the Internet, and it proved to be timely. Writer John Scalzi has been in the news recently, with his response to a multi-year battle with a particularly odious online troll and his minions. You can read baout the epic battle in the Guardian and Salon, among other places, as Scalzi's response is the proper way to deal with such ugly hate. When life gave him lemons, he made a tasty lemon chiffon pie, and shared the goodness with everyone.

This troll and his ilk are those arrogant, self-proclaimed alpha males, who get off on insulting anyone who isn't like them, or agree with them. They seek to engage in flame wars (vitriolic arguments on blogs), and spend their time spewing hate and vast amounts of stupid.

People are funny, except when they're mean and nasty. Then they need the loving mallet of correction, and a donation to charities that promote good things.

With natural disasters like superstorm Nemo to worry about, can't we just be a bit nicer to each other?

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