Saturday, April 11, 2015

Back With a Vengeance- Panel at Monson, MA Library

Sorry for being in absentia, but recently started a new job. The hours are long, and the work demanding. So little time to write for the blog while finishing a novel, writing stories, and trying to keep up with all that's happening.

First off, we had a great night at the Monson, MA Public Library. I was on a great panel of authors: Host T. Stephens, Vlad V., Steve Hobbs, B. B. Boudreau, Slam Poet Joseph Mosby, and his cousin Arthur Strategos Williams.

And a bit of audience participation. Our host discovered there were poets in the audience (including J.H. Curry), and he pulled them up to tell us about themselves.

Many thanks to Hope Bodwell, the Library Director, for setting up a great night of meeting readers. Great snacks, and we even got gift bags! A first from all the library events we've done.
Some photos courtesy of Jennifer Getz Hobbs

Here's the gorgeous Gothic building

Here I am at the podium

Our attentive audience

And more

T Stephens explaining why he thinks I'm wonderful

My cohort in crime, Vlad V.

The Hair Club for Men

Da Gang- author Steve Hobbs between me and Vlad

 Joseph Mosby, Slam Poet. This young man is going places- he performs with power and passion

Joseph's cousin, Arthur Strategos Williams. He has a great talent for spoken word poetry

And B. B. Boudreau, hamming it up. Funny thing is, I see that bust in a lot of libraries. 

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