Thursday, February 9, 2017

Terrific Review for A Certain Slant of Light

Few things warm a writer's heart (apart from a hefty check) like a great review. One where the reviewer knows the conventions of the genre you're writing in, knows the school of authors you pay homage to and points that out, and appreciates how it is handled. So much more than just "I liked it, and it was good."

So yesterday this awesome review for A Certain Slant of Light appeared on this website:

Just have to quote from it:

"Zack Taylor is as subtle as the horn on a Kenworth.

The hero’s persona is deliberate on the part of the author, and it works. A blurb at the back of the book says that Zack Taylor is: “…a hero in the mold of Travis McGee, Doc Ford and John Cain, a moral man at heart who finds himself faced with difficult choices in a dangerous world…”.  As you find yourself being pulled through this book by the combination of a compelling story and good strong writing, you realize that this is not an exaggeration."

And  it goes into good detail. A thoughtful review of a book that was read and appreciated.

Some days, it's worth chewing through the straps...   :-)

And the review is also up on Amazon.

So in case you feel like having a look at this book, here it is:

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