Sunday, March 18, 2018

Kickstarter for cool anthology: My Peculiar Family Volume II

Do you like story collections by new writers, who take a theme and run with it?
Check out this great project- and if you've got a buck or two, consider kicking in to make this happen.

Kickstarter link

For a few bucks more, you get terrific rewards! And be a part of something great!
Since I have a story in this collection, I'm supporting it by giving away five books (your choice),
and there are plenty more things for donors, including original artwork!

My Peculiar Family Volume II – Celebrations is the second anthology of unusual original tales!

This volume combines well-known and emerging writers, who have been on Sci Fi Saturday Night and unites them, writing together in a shared universe to discover the fictional lost family of Chyna Dale.

When she discovers a box of old tintype photos in her attic, her quest becomes finding out who they are. Each picture features a mysterious portrait of a single person. Who are these people? What are their stories? What makes them so…peculiar?

Each author had to answer these questions in their unique tale. All of the authors received one of Chyna Dale’s tintypes, a name for the photographed person, and a celebration of some sort.

Some of the stories are more on the horror side, some more paranormal, some science-fiction/fantasy, but all are linked together by Chyna Dale’s family.
Come join us on this second journey into the dark history of the Dimsdale Family.

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