Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mystery Writers at Natick Farmer's Market

We had a special invite from the Natick Farmer's Market to our local chapter of the Mystery Writers of America, to come set up tables and sell books. So a few of us gathered and enjoyed a fine day of meeting people to sell locally-grown organic fiction.

Thanks go out to the market folk who made us welcome, and to Tilia, who put this opportunity together for us.
My thanks to Scott Hambley, for help in unpacking and setting up, and to Steve Rogers, who helped take down and repack (and is a great Booth Bunny). Our group is so supportive!

Lots of support for great stuff made locally. There was music, food, all manner of items for sale.

Since Connie was going for the "Best Booth" setup, had to try and match her display...

Hans and Judy Copek

Jason Walcutt and Joan Sawyer

 Sarah Smith with Connie

Any market eager to expand their offerings and get more people attending are welcome to request a special appearance by area writers. We're happy to take part and bring in more customers!

Monday, August 19, 2019

Hot Crime Signing

We had a great day at the Hot Crimes in the Summertime big author signing at the New England Mobile Book Fair.
Despite it being a wicked hot August afternoon, we had a good crowd of book buyers! All the authors were selling. Guess everyone still needs beach reads.

Alex (from work) was one of the first ones in. But while he was buying other books, someone bought my last copy of Shadow of the Wendigo, so he has to wait for his...

Steve and Robin, power book buyers and great supporters of the bookstore!

BJ Magnani, doctor and authoress

And with her publisher, Eddie Vincent of Encircle Publications

Great crowd for a hot afternoon

Mo Walsh, our local chapter president of the Mystery Writers of America (our sponsors), who arranged the event for us. A big thank you from all of us!

Me getting my advance signed copy of Murder at First Pitch, Nicole Asselin's debut novel!
Two years ago, Nicole took my class (and copious notes) when I taught mystery writing at the Cape Cod Writer's Conference. Guess I imparted some kind of useful advice!

And I managed to get a shot where everyone looks stoned.

My newest (and youngest) fan, Ori, who decided to go for the scariest story.
Photo courtesy of his dad

Now here's trouble! BJ with superstars Hank Phillippi Ryan and Linda Barnes, who came by to show their support, though they weren't signing, and Elizabeth Elo.

And yet more trouble
L to R: JM Taylor, JJ Shelley, Nicole, and Judy Copek

Author David Shiang, who wasn't part of the event, but who came by anyway.

More troublemakers...

Every year, Hans Copek creates posters with cover images of the recent books by local members of the Mystery Writers of America, and also does it for the local Sisters in Crime chapter.
 So of course we made the authors come up and point to their book, but first we had to have a group shot with Tom Lyons (center, seated), the store owner, who's a terrific supporter of our local mystery community.

And the chapter supplied refreshments, to further entice shoppers. Thanks to all for a great day!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sherman's Book Signing

Had a great Saturday in Portland, Maine, first going to my book signing at Sherman's Bookstore on Exchange Street, down in the Old Port section.

They were ready for me, with a fun sign. Didn't know I was beguiling!

Got all set up and ready to make new fans.

It's a great bookstore, with so much to choose from.

And a friendly staff

Sold some books, said hi to my friends Rhonda and Clay, who dropped by for support, and enjoyed greeting people who came to browse.

Then it was across town to Letterpress Books, to drop off more copies, since they're selling well there. Sold another on the spot!

And a lovely lunch on the water at DeMillo's. Superb dining with terrific views! Make it a stop when you're up that way.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

I'm Featured on a Blog, and Portland Book Signing Saturday

As a member of the New England Chapter of Sisters in Crime, I love the support and encouragement given by the organization members. We have a strong, vibrant, community of mystery writers, and the Sisters group provides so many opportunities for career advancement, with workshops, speaking engagements, and fun get-togethers.

And promotion... today they feature... me!
Here's a Q&A with Kathryn Gandek-Tighe about my new book, the sixth Zack Taylor mystery, A Darkened Room, coming out later this month.

And to prime the pump for the new release, I'll be signing books at Sherman's in Portland, Maine, this Saturday, August 3rd, from 11-12. They're down on 49 Exchange Street, so come to this beautiful city, do some shopping and sightseeing, buy some books, and check out my mystery series- set in Portland!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Writers at Moxie Festival 2019

We had a terrific day at the annual Moxie Festival, held in Lisbon, Maine.
(To see a report of last year's festival, click here.)

Selling books there was a contingent of the New England Horror Writers, where I was joined by Peter Dudar (our gracious host), Tom and Sheila Deady, Scott Goudsward, April Hawks, and Sylvia Morgan.
To see an interview with Peter, click here
 L to R below: Peter, Sheila, Tom, Scott

The fun thing about this event is that apart from meeting new fans and selling books, we also have a ringside seat for the big parade, a real slice of Americana, of small-town pride and life. It's a blast, and worth getting up there to participate in all things Moxie. Here's a sample of the floats and sights.

Okay, nothing says Maine like a giant L.L. Bean boot!

Along with the Moxiemobile

And it wouldn't be Maine without a moose!

The obligatory fife and drum band

And the other kind

There was art as well

Lots of tiny vehicles- having them in the parade is a fundraising thing. Always wondered.

Self-powered vehicles

And clowns! Gotta have clowns.

Betcha don't see an orange Darth Vader most places... 

It was so hot, even the horses were tired...

Geckos, Tigers, and whatever...


 And trucks!

While selling books there, we get to meet all new people. Here's the self-proclaimed Bug Girl, interested in the bug horror anthology, which Scott presents. April on R.

Here's Scott with his own books

So much to do in Maine. The state is getting some great new fun places, like the Side by Each Brewery, in the same building as Pinky D's, the home of great poutine (which we discovered at the Moxie Fest)