Monday, August 3, 2009

Charlie Thinks You're Stupid

There's a tall rich guy with good hair and teeth running for governor of Massachusetts (I know, haven't we heard this one before). And yes, Charlie Baker represents the Republicans, the political party that is fighting tooth and nail to make sure Americans never get decent, affordable healthcare. These people don't like to discuss issues or what they'll offer, but they do like to push voter buttons, like the one on taxes.

Charlie Baker recently went on a radio show and made remarks that sure do sound like he thinks the voters are stupid. In telling how he opposes tax increases, he actually said the words:
"Read my lips. No new taxes."

For those voters with short memories, the elder George Bush made this one of his campaign lies (er, slogans) in his run for President of the US. He got votes from people who supported him because they didn't want to pay more money for all the social niceties, but the joke was on them. Bush got into office and merrily raised taxes. Screw you, suckers! Dumb for them to believe this lie the first time, but now Charlie is recycling that lie, thinking voters will be stupid enough to fall for it again. Wow. Throwing his contempt for voters right in our faces.

Mass is in crisis now, and the lack of state money is sinking our social contract. Our schools (and teachers) are grossly underfunded and it's getting worse, and bridges and roads are in desperate need of repair or rebuilding—our two closest major ones are temporary metal things that shake violently and let you see the water under your car as you drive over, praying you'll make it to the other side. There's so little money that police and fire departments aren't getting all they need, and communities are suffering as a result. Any program that helps people has been cut to the bone, and countless thousands are going without.

Sometimes raising taxes is a painful, but necessary way to keep a state from going all to Hell. Nobody wants to, it's bad politics. But what's better? Having our infrastructure collapse? If it was a choice, Charlie says we can let it fall. What if there's a natural disaster or two, and no money for relief? Better hope for good weather, folks, because you're not getting any help from the state. Guys like Charlie, with too much money, don't really care what the rest of us get. And mostly we get screwed, by guys like him who want to play at being a politician.

Charlie used the words from a George Bush playbook, and we know how all of that turned out. Our kids will be still fighting and paying for the wars that Bush and his son got going. So what else from George Bush are you going to recycle, Charlie? Going to pull out a "Willie Horton" racial scare ad? And like Bush, we know we won't be getting decent healthcare from you, when people in your own buildings, working for your company couldn't get it.

Charlie apparently has a very low opinion of the voters of Mass, if he thinks they'll buy this load of crap. He thinks they're so stupid he can say those words and still get his little prize, sitting behind the Governor's desk. I sure hope he's not right.

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