Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hang Time

Haven't had much to report recently. Feeling queasy today, so came home from work and tried to calm the churning waves. Someone mentioned it might be the weather-- yeah, with all the rain we've been having, I could be seasick! It's a shame, because Hallie Ephron will be at the Chelmsford Library tonight, to give a talk on mystery writing. I met her at the Crime Bake convention last Fall- she's very nice and helpful to those up-and-coming writers with questions. She's got some books out, and she writes the mystery reviews for the Boston Globe. Dang that I may have to miss it.

Did go to the Tyngsboro Writer's Group on Monday. One of them jokingly asked me why I hadn't had a story published in the last two weeks. I did feel that I was bombarding my network with story publication announcements. Happy to be doing so, frankly.

I did get a reply to a query on one of my stories that's been in a queue for months. The editor responded that it's in the "maybe" pile. Cool. Let's hope April brings more sales.

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