Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well, I won a Kindle at a company raffle last week, and rather than keep it, I'm looking to sell it. So call me a Luddite, or call me in need of cash, but there it is.

Yes, they're cool, but I'm Old School and prefer books. You can tuck a paperback in your pocket. If you drop a book, you pick it up, unbroken. You can see instantly how far along you are, and how much is left. And I can borrow most books from the (free) library, rather than paying.

And I stare at a screen all day at work. A few pages of a book are always nice, and do I really need another electronic gizmo in my life?

Geez, I had a simple cell phone, and paid a hundred bucks a year for us to make calls. Now the whole family has a phone that takes pictures and pays pretty tunes, and I pay over $1200 a year. Progress... People at my gym spend their whole time yakking on cellphones-- and loudly, while I'm trying to tune them out. Maybe an Ipod? Wait, no!

Our TV has FOUR remotes, and I still can't turn the damn thing on after taking out a DVD. My wife presses a series of buttons, switching from one to another, and somehow I'm supposed to keep track.

Guess I'm just a cranky old man, but I do remember Isaac Asimov's "magic cassette". After describing all the wonders of this device, it was revealed to be-- a book!
I love them, I read them, I write them. I may be the last generation who does. Apres moi, les Twitterers. None of whom will have anything important to say that will last down the centuries. Sad, so sad.

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