Sunday, January 19, 2014

Why I Love the Writing Game- Part Whatever

Ever have one of those colds on a weekend where you couldn't get anything done? Yeah, like that. Have felt awful, and worse about not getting any writing down. Have a terrific start to one novel, and another one planned out and ready to write. But nothing doing with this rotten sick feeling.

Cherry on the sundae-  a bloody surprise snowstorm. Sigh.

We won't talk about the Pats not showing up for their game against Denver...

So I'm at the end of the weekend, feeling bad, and suddenly an email comes through. A response to a story I submitted back before Halloween. The editor loves it ands wants to put it in the inaugural issue of Trysts of Fate magazine next month.

Wow. Nicely done. First story sale of the year!

The cool thing is I can be sitting at my desk and get notice of another royalty payment, or book sale, or opportunity, or someone who liked something I wrote and wants to pay for it.

Speaking of which, my newly-released audio books are selling like hotcakes. Check them out on

Once in a while, you get a lift when you need it.

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