Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fair Day

Took a holiday today, to take my family to the Bolton Fair. Yeah, our big Summer Vacation. We used to go every year and loved it when the kids were small. Then we wound up at the Common Ground Fair instead, and didn't get back to Bolton. This year, we noticed Bolton was early, and decided to return. The weather was scheduled to be good, so off we went.

Well, it seems to be much smaller than before. Yeah, I know it's not a weekend, but really! There were a few good shows, a magic act and a trampoline group (it's an Olympic sport now!), lots of animals, and the usual. Just less so, of everything. We had a good time, but were expecting more, as we had experienced in years past. Ah well.

But I didn't slack off. When we got home, I tested audio files for voice recording, and I updated the website:

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