Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New ride, new possibilities

It's been another busy time, which is why I haven't posted more frequently. Unlike Facebook, where it seems like some people post every time they have a cup of coffee or buy socks (as if anyone cares), in this blog I try to post something of actual interest, rather than just putting something up for the sake of posting. At least that's the goal, and I do appreciate and salute those of you discerning people that read the words here.

So the latest- we have a car from 1998 that has served us well, but is at the point where the next pricey repair bill will be its death knell. So we looked to replace it before it became of the utmost urgency, which is how we got it in the first place. Being desperate to buy a car is never a good idea, as you don't get the best selection, and certainly not the best price. We like taking our time on major purchases, doing the research and finding a good deal.

And so we did with the replacement. A friend at work told me of a vehicle new to me, the Mazda5. A micro-van, seats 6, with fold-down seats, good mileage and acceleration, and a top-notch repair and customer satisfaction record. And a fair price point. So we looked, we tested, we loved. And we took our time weighing particular offers. Saw one that was a bargain, drove about an hour to see it, and bought on the spot, because it met all our requirements.

However, they didn't have the title in hand yet, so we couldn't finalize. Required another trip to sign the financials. And then another to pick it up. So it's required some chunks of time to deal with it all. We'll still take it to our garage to give it a thorough going-over, because it's a good idea, and we're like that. But the family seems happy with it, so all is well.

And now back to work writing good things and telling you about it. Last night sent off another query to a literary agent. Let's see if she can recognize a good thing when she sees it.

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