Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hard Work and Play

Have worked the last few hours, finishing a new story. Was inspired by recent sales to get more tales finished and in the pipeline. So as soon as it was done (ink still wet), off it went to a brand-new market. May it find a good home.

Last night was a bit of fun, something different. A work friend gave me tickets for the Official Patriot's Practice at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. I'd never been there, and so marvelled at the huge structure, the scale of the undertaking, all for sport. It was fun, and seeing the celeb players and owner and coaches was a hoot.

Can't help thinking, though, that if this many people put the same effort into education and electing good leaders, what a greatly improved country we'd have. If teachers, firemen, police, and nurses were paid more, and athletes got a few less millions, it would show sanity on our part.

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