Saturday, July 23, 2011

Harry Potter Movie

We just got back from seeing the latest Harry Potter movie-- stunning! Loved by all of us. It's extra nice for us, as we were in London recently, and saw not only Platform 9-3/4 (actually at St. Pancras station, not King's Cross, as said in the movie), but were there in Trafalgar Square as the cast showed up for their British Premier! Gave it a little bit more oomph, not that it needed it.

Kind of spooky how perfect the cast is, looking and sounding like they should, over the course of quite a few years. Don't know if the originator feels the same, but millions of watchers and her readers do.

I admire the fact that J.K. Rowling created a world that so moves people. That says a lot, that she can touch others and make her story and characters matter. Kudos.

And her recent announcement that she will self-publish future books... did you hear that sound? That was another wall of the citadel of Old Traditional Publishing collapsing. She sold millions of books for the old way, and now will sell millions more the new way.

All this because one person sat down and poured forth a story that was within them. And millions responded. The power of the written word is amazing.

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