Sunday, July 3, 2011

Writing World Revolution Roundup

Lots of things going on in the writing world.
But then, it's usually busy during a revolution.

First up, we'd like to note the incredible generosity of Joe Konrath, one of the most successful people touting self-publishing (though he's also been successful at traditional publishing).

Not only is he one of the advance guard of the revolution, and an insightful chronicler, his piece on Scott Doornbosch shows what kind of a guy he is. After encouraging Scott to finish his book, Joe found out the guy has cancer. So Joe pushed and paid for the setup to get the book out, a published version that the guy could hold in his hands, in case time ran out. As he says in the post:
"Holding your first book in your hands is one of the true joys of being a writer."

Indeed. As a person who very recently experienced this magnificent accomplishment of holding my first published book, I can state that joy is an understatement.

Kudos to Joe for being a decent human being who helped a man and a writer push through to something grand. Best of luck to Scott for sales and most important, good health.

Another reason to read Joe's blog is the comments on the seismic shifts in publishing, such as this one, where J.K. Rowling announces going into self-publishing.

(I wonder if the dipstick who not-too-long-ago posted on how they thought the big pub world "wasn't worried about self-publishers" still feels that way.)

And yet another reason to read Joe's blog is the posting on how agents are now looking for alternative means of income, so are trying to expand their reach.

Another great discussion of agents and roles is best-selling mystery writer Debbi Mack's post.

To finish up, in case you were thinking of whether you should publish at all, read writer Keryl Raist's posting on the subject.

That should give you some reading to do over the holidays. Have a happy and safe 4th!

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