Thursday, July 23, 2015

Author T. Stephens at New England Mobile Bookfair

Had a great time at the book event for author T. Stephens, who made an appearance at the New England Mobile Bookfair (the largest independent bookseller in all of New England). You have to come here for the thousands of books that seem to go on for miles.

What I love about this writer is his passion- he makes a personal connection with his audience, talking to them, not at them. He spoke of his journey to write and publish Dante's Cypher, to date his only novel, but one that's selling very well. (And being made into a movie!)

To see an interview with T Stephens, click here.

Oh- and check out what other cool writers they have on their shelves of local authors! That's all 3 books of my Zack Taylor mystery series, right next to Dante's Cypher

So T had his publicist Wendy show up to make the show more fun- and to get people interested in him and the book.

T weaving his spell- the audience was small, but enthralled.

They stayed for the whole show, then bought books.

Special note- this is Steve, a huge supporter of writers and the bookstore. He came out just to buy the book in person. You may have seen him in the pictures from December's Gala Mystery Night, where he and his lady Robin bought sackloads of books.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Reunion and Potato Blossom Festival

So I went back to upper Maine for a high school class reunion, and had a great time. So nice to connect with people after all these years. It was held at the Aroostook Valley Country Club, where I used to work 40 years ago. It's on the border, and actually the clubhouse is on Canadian soil.

What a trip down Memory Lane. So nice that people have mellowed, and all were pleasant and friendly- unlike the experience of many in high school. Maybe they were nice because they now knew I could write about them if they weren't!

P.S.- If you want to read a great book about a class reunion, see Reunion by David Daniel. It's awesome! 

Many thanks to Vickie Levesque for putting in a ton of hard work to make a good time for everyone else.

I was in a play (The Star Spangled Girl, by Neil Simon) with Sue and Kirk over 40 years ago, and we still laugh about it now.

Some people just age better than others...

Me with some lovely classmates

Friends forever!

Just about everyone was smiling and happy. 

With Rhonda, who's been a big supporter of my writing career.

I also put up a booth and sold books at the Maine Potato Blossom Festival the next day. We got the parade and some sales in before the rain hit!

And more classmate friends stopped by to share in the fun.