Friday, March 31, 2023

Sisters in Crime panel- Making a Mystery

We had a killer panel discussion recently, courtesy of the Rodgers Library in Hudson NH, and the Sisters in Crime Speaker's Bureau. 

The panel (L to R): 

Sharon Daynard, Me, Sharon Healy-Yang, and Elaine Isaak

Thanks to Rebecca, pictured here, giving us the intro, and to the library staff for getting us set up. 

Sharon gives instructions...

We had a terrific audience, who helped out with fun ideas, twisted lot that they were! 

The subject was Making a Mystery, where we took audience suggestions, and the four panel writers put it together to assemble a mystery on the spot. 

We'd write the ideas onto the whiteboard, and see what it sparked in our evil brains and imagination.

And like all good mysteries, we soon had plenty of ways to go!

Fun night for all, and maybe 106-year-old Miss Pearl "The Possum," will make an appearance in print at some point! 

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Busy Time

 Hello All,

Coming to you from a Nor'easter! Wet, heavy snow, high winds due, so we may lose power. Ugh.

So much going on recently- first, here's the ebook of my tenth novel:

Print and audio coming soon! 

And if you didn't yet pick up a copy of the very recent Crime Time, tales of crime and mystery:

Audiobook of this is in production, with the talented narrator Anne Valliere.

I was guest on the show The Writer's Bar with host Baron Birtcher:



And was moderator for a panel of Western Mysteries for the Upper Hudson chapter of Sisters in Crime for their Murderous March days.

Upcoming- a chat with author Gabriel Valjan on the Tewksbury Library Writer's Night Out:

MONDAY, MARCH 27  7:00—8:30 PM

And on Wednesday, March 29, 2023, From 6:00pm - 7:00pm, we're doing a Sisters in Crime panel on Mystery Making for the Hudson, NH library.

How's that for a busy month!