Saturday, August 26, 2017

Tess Gerritsen Rocks the NEMBF

Last night, we had superstar best-selling author Tess Gerritsen as the first big signing at the new location of the New England Mobile Bookfair (to see the announcement of this, click here).
Love the new bookstore setup, which has the ability to transform into a spacious auditorium!

Tess is s a big supporter of the store and owner Tom Lyons. She came down from Maine to greet fans new and old.

To introduce Tess, we had another superstar best-selling author, Hank Phillippi Ryan.

And then the talk with emcee Lorraine Seymourian, The Mysterious Lady, who filmed the whole thing for television.

It was an excellent and enthusiastic crowd, who enjoyed the talk and the great stories Tess told of her writing and life.

And here's Bill Wood, who in addition to getting a signed copy of Tess' latest book, found another good book, the new-on-the-NEMBF-shelves latest Zack Taylor novel, A Sharp Medicine, by yours truly.
Amy can't believe his luck at scoring such a good book.

After the talk, it was time for Tess to sign copies of her new book for fans, as the store staff set up refreshments. Amy gets her copy.



Being nice to fans is what Tess does, but it's hard work (as I can attest), so one needs a bit of pick-me-up at times...

A terrific night. Made sure to get my thanks in for her appearance.

And for someone who does so much media, Lorraine sure is shy...

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Second-ever newsletter with free book offer

For those who are interested, on my website is my second-ever newsletter, telling about all the new publications.

As an incentive, I'm offering a free ebook or audio book for those who can answer the following question:
Who was Travis McGee's older friend in the novels by John D. MacDonald?
(Answer is in the newsletter)

Friday, August 11, 2017

Phoenix Rising- The New England Mobile Bookfair back for more!

Back in March, I'd written about the trials of a long-time local bookstore that was an icon in the region, the New England Mobile Bookfair, or NEMBF for short. Owner Tom Lyons was faced with some tough decisions if he was to stay in business. Rent and expenses were so draining that a new home was needed.

Well, happy to say, he found a way to keep going. He managed to get a new place, just down the street, proving the "mobile" in the name. Their new digs are at 241 Needham Street, in Newton Upper Falls.

The new bookstore building is smaller than the huge hangar-like building we were so used to, but I like the scale of the new place. They still have many massive shelves of books, and a variety that staggers the imagination. It's roomy and well-lit, with plenty of placement for books from all over, and a great space for Local Authors.

There's a cozy corner of the children's section

And lots of great books to choose from

 So make a date to come on by and sample the wares, and welcome old friends in a new spot.
They're running some great specials from time to time.
They'll also be hosting more awesome book signings from big-name authors,
like the upcoming one with Tess Gerritsen at 7 PM on Friday, August 25th!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The 2017 Cape Cod Writer's Conference

Finished up a terrific weekend at the The 55th Cape Cod Writers Center Conference, in Hyannis.

What a wonderful time. 
Here's the sign-in with Barbara Eppich Struna, President, CCWC Board of Directors on the left, and Nancy Rubin Stuart, Executive Director of the CCWC on the right.
Along with their staff, they did an awesome job of keeping things running smoothly and well for everyone.

 Arlene Kay, fellow member of Sisters in Crime and author of some fun mysteries, who was instrumental in recommending me to the program. Don't think she was sorry...
To see an interview with Arlene, click here

 The bookstore was open- check out my books displayed alongside those of Marcella Pixley and Best-seller B. A.  Shapiro

Here's Bobbie Carlton, who sat in on a class of mine. 
She has a PR Marketing biz that helps writers get the word out.

We had a Meet and Greet reception, with tasty snacks

 Then came the gathering and introductions of award winners and faculty

 Nancy takes the mic

Folks getting nice things and recognition

Next morning, I was teaching classes on Building a Mystery (here's the attendees)

And Secrets of Thriller Writing

The classes went well, with lively discussions, and folks said they got a lot from the course.

My breakfast buddy (simultaneous mealtimes, completely by accident) was Kate Klise, a children's book author and accomplished speaker 

That night members of the faculty gave short readings from their works.
Let me tell you, what an honor to be among these talented writers. 
I get to hang out with pros of prose!

 Me, reading from the first chapter of A Sharp Medicine, my just-released fifth Zack Taylor mystery

Michelle Hoover, offering a prize of one of her books (I snagged it!)

 Ray  Field, reading from a cellphone

My other mealtime buddy, Richard Hoffman.

 Ron  MacLean, a fellow trouble-maker

The next night, it was the student's turn to read. I was one of the faculty offering feedback, and the talent shown by these writers was amazing. It's obvious the writer's center there is doing a tremendous job of mentoring and improving the quality of writing for that region.
Arlene was the emcee and kept the readings on time so we could finish before it got too late.

We still had time for chatting in the lounge, discovering new stories, making new connections, and winding down from the long days.

We got to sit in on other classes. Sunday brought Michelle Clark, a Medicolegal Death Investigator for the state of Conn. 
She had the best class, telling us gruesome tales of death scenes, complete with pictures- all before lunch! 

 Here's Michelle with students from my mystery class, Carol and Gail

Other classes included another Michelle, this one from Grub Street- Michelle Hoover

I sat in on a few others, notably the one by Lou Aronica, and wish I'd been able to listen to the entire thing.

So sad to see it end. It was an incredible experience, and highly recommended for those who want to improve their writing!
I hope to make return visits in the future!