Friday, November 27, 2015

Post-Holiday News, No Blues. Books and Shows

Howdy, and Happy Post-Thanksgiving. Hope everyone is sufficiently stuffed and basking in the glow of families all together. My daughters are home from college, and it's great to have them back.
The turkey dinner and pie were magnificent, and the lovely warm weather even allows us to walk off the extra calories.

Lots of great things going on. NY Times Best-seller Barbara Ross did a terrific writeup on the site of the Maine Crime Writers about the Maine authors in the newly-published collection from Level Best Books, Best New England Crime Stories 2016: Red Dawn. (With the gorgeous cover!)

And yup, a story of mine is in there- the second year in a row for this fine anthology. If you like your crime and mystery in small doses, pick up a copy. Nice little gems from the working authors in the New England area.

I was pleased to finally meet and chat with Sanford Emerson, also in the anthology, as was former Portland police officer, Bruce Robert Coffin, (also a Maine Crime Writer blogger). And met another of the Maine Crime Writer crew, John Clark, a writer who tirelessly works to support underfunded libraries in Maine. Great people who make me miss the state and the fun.

Next week (Thursday, Dec. 3rd), you should plan to do your Christmas shopping at the region's biggest and best bookstore, the New England Mobile Bookfair. Because we're having the annual Gala Mystery Night, with the best writers of crime and mystery in New England. It's a big party with the Kool Kids, great food and refreshments, and opportunity to pick up the latest publications from the writers who do it in criminal fashion.
This year, they're honoring Kate Mattes, owner of the legendary Kate's Mystery Books, with the Robert B. Parker Award.
This is going to be an awesome event, so come on down and take part.