Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hello Again

Sorry for the radio silence, but it's been a trying time. Coming back online now to share all the latest and greatest.

Hope your holidays were good. We had a power outage on Christmas Day (not the big storm one, just our street- how nice to be so chosen...). So we had to postpone our nice meal, and settle for Chinese food instead, the only place open. We thought folks going out for that on Christmas was just a movie made-up thing, but yup, the place got busy.

And so were the movies, because, hey, why sit in the dark and moan. Instead we watched dwarves fight orcs. Way cooler.

So an unintended more expensive Christmas. Yuck.

Another audio book of mine is up for sale- Crooked Paths, 5 tales of people and crimes gone wrong, narrated by the talented Fred Wolinsky. And check out the company I keep when it finally got listed:

My book is listed under those by Stephen King, Michael Connelly, Lee Child, and Ed McBain.
Uh, wow.
I'm not saying I'm in their league, but if you like good short stories about mystery and crime, you'll enjoy hearing these.
Have revamped my website to include audio releases, since they're happening at a rapid pace.

So more work to do- have a safe and happy New Year!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Happy Holidays?

Well, it's been an interesting time. How's your December going? We Just got dug out from our fresh snowfall.

My blog account goes through Google, and they took away the limited usefulness of their blogging section, and changed their interface. Since things have been busy, didn't have the time until now to hunt for the new obscure way of getting back to being able to post. They added layers of crap, so it takes longer to get to the simple, repeatable tasks.
Sigh. What, did people ask for more junk to click through?

End of grousing...

Anyway, have lots of new things this December- for example, two new books published.
Shadow of the Wendigo, a horror novel set in the Canadian wilderness, based on an actual Native American legend
And The Big Book of Genre Stories, 30 tales for story lovers.

And lots of fresh audio versions of some of my story collections, with more coming.
Fables and Fantasies

Apocalypse Tango

Strange Tales

And for anyone who's going to a new job, How to Improve Your Interviewing Skills

Monday, December 9, 2013

Another Book Release

Great news- after days hunched over a computer screen formatting and grinding away, finally got it done and posted.

And so we present the latest book (just in time for Christmas):
(ebook is out now, print on the way)

The Big Book of Genre Stories

Here are five books combined into one big volume of stories, thirty tales in different genres. Strange new worlds and encounters with the unusual, in stories from light to dark. Some to make you laugh, some to make you think, and some to scare you. Dip into the Big Book for a taste of monsters, mayhem, myth, magic, and murder.

Crime and Mystery
Science Fiction
Fables and Fantasies
Magic Realism/Paranormal

Saturday, December 7, 2013

More Busier Time, Big Signing, Audio and Book Releases,

Yeah, it's been quite a thrill ride. Recently had the annual Gala Mystery Night at the New England Mobile Bookfair, where a big group of mystery authors were on hand to sign books and chat with patrons. Great night of fun, seeing a lot of familiar faces.

Some cool pics here.

And I got a phone call while we were there, a friend telling me he was watching me on TV.
The interview I did with Dean Contover is up. click the link, and look for the list of shows under The Current Buzz. Find the link with my name, and click to watch. 30 minutes of pure entertainment.  ;-)

We've had some sales of Fables and Fantasies, my first fiction audio book.
If you'd like a free copy, drop me a line.

Still waiting for the audios of two books to be released by Audible, Apocalypse Tango and Strange Tales.

We have a finished audio production of Crooked Paths done, and that will be up by mid-December.
Halls of Horror and Jumble Sale are still in production.

Just got my print proof of Shadow of the Wendigo. Looks great, and print copies will soon be available. The ebook is ready now, if you'd rather one of those.

And we've got a new book coming: The Big Book of Genre Stories, with 30 tales in 5 different genres. Plenty of reading for your Christmas vacation.

Am working on a newsletter, my first one.

So how's your December?

Friday, November 29, 2013

Speaking Panel Tomorrow, New Novel Published, and Free Audio!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope it was a great time with loved ones, and remembering what we have to be thankful for.

In between stuffing myself with turkey, have been a busy boy, and have new things available.

First a note- if you're near Tewksbury, MA tomorrow (Saturday the 30th), stop by the public library for our Sisters in Crime Authors Panel:
Criminal Minds, Killer Event: A Panel Discussion on Writing A Mystery Novel 
From 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM   
 Big News-- after many years, my horror novel is finally published!
Shadow of the Wendigo is now out from Genretarium Publishing:

Out on ebook now, and print copies are ordered- in by Christmas!

So as an early Christmas goodie for you, message me to get a free audio of Fables and Fantasies
- my first fiction audio book! A $6.95 value!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Article on our Groton Local Author Fair

Great article by Pierre Comtois, an editor, writer, and sometimes correspondent.

It's about our Groton Library Local Author Day

It reinforces how the turnout at the fair shows a strong literary vein in and around Groton.

Friday, November 22, 2013

First Audio Fiction-Fables and Fantasies- Free Deal

Finally got the first story collection out on audio- Fables and Fantasies- a 5 Story Collection.

Sounds utterly fantastic- narrated by the talented Fred Wolinsky.

And check it out- on the Audible SciFi & Fantasy page listing, I'm shown with works by Tolkien, Scalzi, and Card.

Pretty damn good company!

Listen to the sample. And if you like it, and want to get it for free, just click the Free button for a 30-day free trial membership for Audible.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another Free Book, Latest TV Show, Upcoming Appearance

With all the work I've been doing on audio, we'll soon have Strange Tales out on ACX, the audio distributor. This will join Fables and Fantasies and Apocalypse Tango as my first fiction audio releases.

So to celebrate, Strange Tales is free on the Kindle for the next few days.
5 tales of odd journeys, of people who find more than they expected.

And I just finished filming an interview with Dean Contover of Chelmsford TV.
We had a great session, and it will soon be available-- will link when it's up.

Had fun, and it went well-- so I'll be doing a future show, or shows, with fellow local writers.

Now back to work on getting the next book out!

Next public appearance- a panel to help novice writers, What Makes a Good Mystery.
I'll be speaking with Gary Braver and Ellen Larson.
Tewksbury Library, Saturday, Nov. 30th, at 2.
Sponsored by the library and the Sisters in Crime Speakers Bureau.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another Great Signing- Groton Library

Had a great day at the Local Author Fair at the Groton, MA library. We had a terrific crowd.

Saw some old friends, met some new people, sold books, and had great snacks!

Thanks to Ann Wilson of the library staff, who set up the deal.

Here's a writeup with pictures and links to authors.

And-- coming up is the last week to get A Memory of Grief for free on the Kindle.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Talk About Audio

Today I'm featured on the website of the Maine Crime Writers, talking about producing audio books.

This is all part of the new world of publishing, with more opportunities to get work out to a public in many different ways.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Upcoming Events

It's a fun time, albeit a busy season.

First up is our Local Author Fair at the Groton, MA Library this coming Sunday, Nov. 17th-- 2-3:30
Drop on by- there will be refreshments and some prizes while we sign books and meet people.
Here's a link of attending authors.

Then we have a panel discussion on What Makes a Good Mystery at the Tewksbury, MA Library, on Saturday, Nov 30, also at 2. We'll be signing books after the panel, so come on by.
We're listed here, as part of the Sisters In Crime Speaker's Bureau, and here on the library site.
I'll be appearing with Gary Braver and Ellen Larsen.

This Wednesday, Nov. 13th, my post on getting books into audio will appear on the website of the Maine Crime Writers.

Great timing, because my story collection Fables and Fantasies will be out on audio then.

Two other story collections of mine, Apocalypse Tango and Strange Tales are in audio production and will make their appearance soon.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Crime Bake 2013

Well, it was a fun weekend at the Crime Bake mystery convention, where I met 250 friends to plot crimes and talk murder. All in good fun, of course. And fun was had. Check out the writeup, with incriminating pictures.

In other news, Fables and Fantasies is coming out in audio! ACX is doing final review before putting it up for sale. Sounds terrific for all five stories: by turns scary, funny, creepy, and heartwarming.
Narrator Fred Wolinsky did a fantastic job-- so good that the funny story sounds like a Terry Pratchett tale.

Since audio is a new thing for some, I'm going to tell how it's done for authors on the website of the Maine Crime Writers this Wednesday, Nov. 13th.
And I've got Jury Duty that day, so check it out while I go to Court.

Happy Veteran's Day!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Book Signing- Danvers

Rosstrum Publishing (one of my publishers) had us signing at the Used Book Superstore in Danvers, MA.

Lots of interested folks stopping by, including mystery writer Jed Power

Signing with Esther and Joe Ross were Frayda and Harris Faigel, authors of The Happy Heart Cookbook.

Thanks to the nice staff of the store, including Matthew and Daphne, who had the setup ready. Am hoping success brings more writers and readers to connect there.

Thanks also to Joe Ross of Rosstrum Publishing, publisher of my third Zack Taylor mystery, A Shadow on the Wall


Monday, October 28, 2013

Top Ten Twice, Another Story Sale

The first Zack Taylor novel, A Memory of Grief, hit the Kindle free lists Top Ten in two different categories.
That's #6 in Mystery > Hard Boiled, and #7 in Crime Fiction > Murder.  Woo-hoo!!!
Out of the thousands of books out on Kindle, this one's tops-- on a couple of different lists!
Up for free for a little time more-- if you know anyone who likes mystery novels, send the word along.

And sold my flash story Encounter to Beware the Dark, a British magazine.
Publication date To Be Announced.

Am working on more novel publications.
November's going to be a busy month-- have four scheduled signings, library talks, a mystery convention, a TV interview to film, and jury duty.

Did I say how much I love the new world of writing and publishing?


Monday, October 21, 2013

Author Appearances Times Three

Been a busy last few days, with three different author appearances.

First was the Groton Mystery Book Group, who had the pleasure of a visit from Archer Mayor, Vermont writer of the Joe Gunther mysteries. He's an entertaining speaker, with a lot of good stories from his checkered past. Thanks to the Groton Library for hosting and making ths happen.

Book clubs like this are a great resource.

Then came the Boston Book Festival, and we were at the Sisters in Crime booth, meeting the public. Thanks to Sheila Connolly for helping get us scheduled and ready.

Jessie Crockett and Elissa Grodin-- and me, shooting instead of signing

Then came the New England Library Association convention in Portland, Maine, with another Sisters in Crime appearance. Thanks to Barbara Ross for taking the chores of scheduling and setup on this one.

Authors Coralie Jensen, Sheppard Ferguson, and Leigh Perry. Barbara Ross standing.



Sunday, October 13, 2013

Autumn in New England, More Signings

Am taking advantage of the wonderful weather this weekend. Took three walks today in the fresh air, enjoying the changing colors and the crisp, cool air. Love it! Had to walk off the pumpkin-apple pancakes for breakfast.

In between, was making edits on my next novel, to be released in December.
Super-secret project, will let you know soon, with the cover art.

Got notice of another Sisters in Crime talk I'll be giving, on Nov 5th, down in Barrington, RI. We'll be on a panel explaining how we build a mystery novel, and answering questions.

And this weekend coming up, I'll be at the Boston Book Festival, and then up to Portland, Maine for the New England Library Association conference. Two-fer weekend!

And this Thursday, the Groton Mystery Book Club is hosting writer Archer Mayor, who I missed at Bouchercon.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Busy Time- And Need a Job?

So much going on- have a number of signings and appearances coming up, including the Boston Book Festival and a librarian conference in Portland, Maine (my old stomping grounds).

I've been negotiating for audio versions of a couple of my story collctions: Fables and Fantasies and Apocalypse Tango. The talented Fred Wolinsky is scheduled to do the voices and production, via ACX. Will let you know when they're available.

And speaking of audio, know anyone that needs a job? We've got a couple audio copies of How to Improve Your Interviewing Skills  available. Tells you how to ace that all-important interview, and how not to make a mistake that rules you out!

Been quiet on the blog front because of more book editing. Have a new novel coming out in December. Will show the cover soon!

Catch some leaf colors as they change- so beautiful here in New England. And nice cool weather!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Granite State Comicon

Busy weekend, as I was covering the Granite State Comicon for Jason Harris Promotions.

Had a Media Pass, my trusty camera, and a notepad, and played intrepid reporter.

Fun time at a huge, successful comic convention- for the writeup, with even more cool pictures, go here.

A taste of some of the fun below, in pictures.

Here's some places to check out:

Sci Fi Saturday Night- Great podcast from a talented bunch. News, interviews, all things science fiction

Susan Saunders- illustrator with her first book out, a collaboration with noted author Rob Watts

New England Horror Writers- Those taking part were Rob Smales, Scott Goudsward, Tracy Carbone, and Tony Tremblay

Amy Fletcher, artist and mermaid- extraordinary costumes and artwork

Janella Mele, artist/illustrator

The Ghostbusters of New Hampshire- raising money for charities

C.Wish Cosplay Photography

Requiem Designs

Bexx Fine- accessories

Unit 5- comic

Epic TV Saga

Silver Circle- movie

Delorean Time Machine

Mhysa Cosplay

Double Midnight Comics

The 501 Legion (Star Wars fans)

Batman and (?) friends

Batman doing better...

 Scott Pettis as Casey Jones (From the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Contestants for the costume contest

The amazing Nicole Marie Jean, a professional cosplayer


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spooky Albany

The recent Bouchercon world mystery convention was held last weekend in Albany, NY.

(For a writeup of the convention itself, with pictures and links, go here.)

Albany is an interesting place- hilly, lots of funky architecture and sculpture.


And a state house that looks like the Dakota in NYC, or a Stephen King movie set.

But-- a couple of things. First, they don't like windows.

That's The Egg- a concrete, windowless theater, atop an indoor plaza, with no views to the outside.

Which is weird, because there's a beautiful plaza space up top.

But at 5 at night, people suddenly disappear, and the place becomes the set for a zombie movie- complete with a few shambling forms in the eerie shadowed corners. These open places look like post-apocalyptic landscapes. The streets are deserted, as if humanity has been swallowed up.

Okay- so maybe instead of having a mystery convention there, they should switch to horror. All the filmmakers would just go outside and begin shooting video.

Yeah, I know Vincent Zandri likes it there. But he's tougher than me.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Back From Bouchercon

Well, it was an intense last few days, as I attended Bouchercon, the world's biggest and best conference for mystery writers, editors, publishers, and fans.

Like being on Olympus, hanging out with the success stories of the writing and publishing world.
Even got to be on a panel with some award winners, and felt like one myself.

Will have a major writeup with pics, but it'll take some time to process the immense amounts of data. Have about a hundred people and books to check out, and link to.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

More Free Stuff- and great writer shirt

Last few hours to get Halls of Horror for free on Kindle, so act fast!

If you miss it, you can still get the Kindle version of the first Zack Taylor mystery, A Memory of Grief, for free.

And since my career help book How to Improve Your Interviewing Skills has gone to audio, we're running a contest.
Add a comment to enter to win a free audio copy-- a $6.95 value!
This book will help you interview for the job you want.

Saw this perfect shirt-- Priceless...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Great Review for A Shadow on the Wall

Got this great review posted to Amazon (and other spots) today, talking about A Shadow on the Wall.

Well... what he said... he being Vlad Vaslyn, writer of Yorick, Brachman's Underworld, and the upcoming The Button. Seems he has great taste...

"Zack Taylor just can't seem to escape his past. Ollie Southern, a member of a notorious biker gang, has cut a deal with the feds to get out of prison, and he's returned to Portland, Maine to let Zack know he isn't about to let bygones be bygones.

Meanwhile, Hollywood descends on his beloved city, and Zack is persuaded by a beautiful starlet to come on board as the martial arts liaison for what is sure to be a blockbuster film. But Zack is beside himself when he finds out the movie is actually about his own troubled past, and when someone in the business winds up dead, the blame falls on him.

Zack's desire to put his past behind him has suddenly been complicated by questionable Hollywood ties to internationally organized crime, a police officer with an agenda, an old flame, a new flame, troubled Hollywood actors, suspicion of arson and murder, and a big bag of money. And of course, Ollie Southern doesn't help matters either.

What is an ex-con like Zack Taylor to do?

In A Shadow on the Wall, Dale T. Phillips delivers a high-octane Mystery/Thriller that moves seamlessly from dilemma to dilemma as Zack Taylor navigates the deadly mysteries playing out around him. Zack sizzles as a man with a troubled past trying to turn over a new leaf, and as a pawn and an unwilling player in an agenda he must understand before it kills him. His inevitable confrontation with a bloodthirsty Yakuza assassin delivers an exciting conclusion to what continues to be one of the more engaging mystery series I've read. The pacing in this book starts at 60 miles per hour and only accelerates from there, making it a quick, enjoyable read.

This is the best Zack Taylor book yet."

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hard Work Week- Lots of Upcoming Stuff and Free Ebook

Spent the last 9 days in a frenzy, finishing the draft of Wendigo, my upcoming horror novel, a cross between Twin Peaks and Joseph Campbell. Mythology, and visions, and cannibalism, oh my!

Added over 12,000 new words, and rewrote much of what was there. Now it's off to the editing team to see what they think.

This was a work in progress for many, many years. Wrote the original as my first novel.

And like almost all first novels, it was a piece of poo. Had some great ideas in it, but lousy execution. Characters that talked endlessly, all tell, not enough show, and just a dullness that went on and on.

Was never what I wanted it to be, and so it went in the drawer. Every so often I'd take it out and dab at it, but had no fix. Just wasn't good enough to breathe life into it.

Had a breakthrough a couple years ago-- added a character that kicked it up several notches. Good start, but nowhere near enough.

And then last year, a combination of things sparked the idea bubble, and had the path to enlightenment.

But before I could get to it, had to finish writing A Shadow on the Wall. That got published in June. Have been working on Wendigo since then. Got a butt-kicking when I realized we had to get this out for the Halloween launch at the New England Mobile Bookfair, where we'll be appearing on Thursday, Oct. 24th for an evening of mystery and horror.

So with nose to the grindstone, I did what I needed to do to get it done. And we've got a terrific cover for it, which you'll see soon.

It's going to be a busy Fall. Take a look at some of the schedule, and there's more beyond that!

For example, this Tuesday, my interview will be up on the site of Vlad Vaslyn, with my story "Locust Time" appearing for free.

To celebrate, I've got a freebie for you-- a collection of 10 tales-- and Locust Time is one of them-- in Halls of Horror, which will be free for 5 days on Kindle, starting this Tusday.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bookstores- Good, Bad, and in Need

As a writer, I love bookstores, especially the non-chain ones, which are accomplishing somewhat of a resurgence, as the big chains suffer and die off in the new world of book distribution.

An independent bookstore is not a money-making proposition-- there's not a lot of profit in books-- the owners do it because they love books.

It's such a tough business that if they are to survive, they must adapt. They must find ways to bring in customers, who can buy books online cheaper and easier. They must be the connection point between writers and bookbuyers. Author signings and events must be part of their plan.

An author signing can fill a bookstore with book-hungry customers. It costs the store nothing (or very little, when properly done), and gets them a great deal of publicity, so it's a win-win scenario.
And yet, there are some who don't do this well. They don't want the extra customers and sales for some reason... They'd rather go out of business than have writers in their stores selling books and talking to buyers.

Sad, but true. I had one who told me, "Come back for a signing when you're famous."
Yeah, sure-- you didn't want me before, you didn't help, but I should take the time and effort to help you anyway, after I've done the hard work? What planet are you living on? Planet-soon-to-be-closed, most likely.

And I heard of another outrage recently. there's a well-known bookstore in Concord, MA, that's been around for awhile. Apparently, they believe this gives them a license to rip off writers, who don't make a lot to begin with. A writer I know went in to see about getting his books in on consignment (which means no cost to the store, and they get a cut of everything that sells-- free money). But that wasn't enough for the greedy bastards. They want writers to pay $100 just for the privilege of having their books on the precious shelves, along with the other thousands.
Had I been there, I'd have asked the proprietor if they were on crack.

In what world do you get to shit on people like that? Who is so desperate they have to put up money just to get in to your bloody store?

Nah. I'd rather send people to Amazon, and laugh at your closing sale. Stores who don't help writers are the first to complain about having fewer customers, and about the evil online seller that has books for less.

See, the thing is, I love books more than I love bookstores. And if stores don't want to help writers sell books and meet customers, they're destined for the dustbin of history. Writers are your content providers, so it's a lousy business model to refuse to do business with them.

But hey, your call. I can send buyers to your store, or to your competition.
But stop whining about how you're making less money. It's because you don't know your business.


Two ways you can help the little guy. Give up a Starbucks latte or two and throw a few bucks to these worthy places who are crowdfunding their ventures.

Books and Boos, in Colchester, CT, run by Jason and Stacey Longo Harris. They bust their butt to help writers-- they have several signings a week, and they're a tiny store. They'd love to have more room for bigger events, but that takes money. So they've started a campaign to raise the funds to move to a larger space.

Another bookstore in Portland, Letterpress Books, would like to open, and needs some help raising the startup costs.

And a shoutout to the following small retailers who've been added to the list of where you can find my books for sale:

Second Hand Prose in Groton, MA, a new location for a little used bookstore.

Annie's Bookstop in Worcester, MA.

Mainely Murders in Kennebunk, ME.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Big Signing Weekend Report

Well, it was a busy and fruitful weekend, with not one, but two book signings.

The first one was at the Natick Farmer's Market.

And the one today was at the Books and Boos booth at the big fair in Middleton, CT. Great time with a great gang, and lots of book sales- sold 7 of my 9 print-available titles, and multiple copies of some!

Now that's a good day!

Pics are upon the website, so check out those links to see the fun we had.

Would write more, but am wicked tired...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Big Signing Weekend

Going to be busy this weekend.

Tomorrow is Saturday, and I'll be down at the Natick Farmer's Market with Joe Ross of Rosstrum Publishing, to see if folks want to buy books along with their cucumbers.

Then on Sunday, it's down to Connecticut with Vlad Vaslyn to join other writers at the Books and Boos booth at the Middletown Fair/Open Air Market.

Thankfully, it's supposed to be nice weather.

Will report on how it is to sign at these type of events rather than at libraries and bookstore.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Major League Time

Awesome news to report today-- been sworn to secrecy until now, per request.
Not easy when you're jumping for joy.

Coming up next month is Bouchercon-- the world’s leading convention for crime fiction readers and writers. The top pros in the industry go there-- all your favorite writers in the genre.
The big names, the ones spoken with hushed reverence. New York Times Best-Seller listers.
You know, those folk on Olympus...

Not only will I be hanging out with them-- I'll be on one of the Author Panels! 

It's like being a Double-A ball player being called up to the Majors. Show us what you got, kid.
And though I want to knock that sucker out of the park, I'll settle for a respectable double.

My panel moderator is Toni Kelner, for which I'm grateful-- I've met her at the Crime Bake conventions, and she's smart, funny, and has written a couple of popular mystery series, award-winning stories, and edited some terrific collections.

Joining us will be Amin Ahmad, Daniel Friedman, Michael Kardos, and Julie Pomeroy.
You can bet I'll be checking out their work.

We'll be talking about pacing in crime fiction, and the panel is scheduled for Friday at 12:30-1:25PM.

Wish me luck!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Big Signing Pics

Well, the members of the New England Horror Writers who showed up to read at Annie's Bookstop in Worcester had a good time yesterday.
Some good scary stuff being written!

You can check out the event pics here.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Big Signing Tomorrow- and New Bookstore

Tomorrow (Sunday) I join some of the New England Horror Writers for a big signing event at Annie's Bookstop in Worcester, MA, at 65 James Street.

Come on down- should be a fun time, with some prizes and snacks. We'll be there from 1-5.

And have my books in a new bookstore as of today- Second Hand Prose in Groton, MA, who had their Grand Opening today. Check them out when you're in the area.

Just got my copy of the latest Fungi magazine today, although at 420 pages, it's more like a book!
Awesome lineup of talent in there (yes, I'm included!)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Help Start a New Indie Bookstore

Here's a bit of good news. A family in Portland, Maine want to open a new indie bookstore, Letterpress Books.

Since they spend all their money on books, they're asking for help with startup costs, and are running a campaign to raise the initial startup funds.

So they've got an Indiegogo campaign.

Easy way to for you to toss in a couple of bucks for a great cause. Put my help in last night, as soon as I heard.

By chipping in even a little (equal to two Starbucks drinks), you can help launch a new bookstore in a very cool place. One way today you can make the world better.

And the word is getting out- my Twitter notice on this was picked up and featured on the site: Writing and Publishing Daily Update- THE NEW WORLD OF BOOKS & READING
which looks like a great place for information. Check it out!

And speaking of getting the word out, the cover for book #3 of the Zack Taylor mystery series, A Shadow on the Wall is now featured as one of the week's covers on the Sisters in Crime website.

Not too shabby to be featured on the home page of a national organization for pro writers.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Signings today

Busy day today, with a private signing down in Framingham, where I got copies of A Shadow on the Wall to a few folks who have been patiently waiting for the latest. Thanks, gang!

And on the way home, stopped in to the signing of fellow NEHW authoress Erin Thorne at the Used Book Superstore in Burlington, MA.

And picked up a signed copy of her collection Behind the Wheel.