Saturday, July 21, 2018

Author Bruce Robert Coffin at the Tewksbury Library

Despite a massively rainy night, we had a terrific visit from author Bruce Robert Coffin, who came down from Maine to talk at the Tewksbury Library.
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For Bruce's talk, Robert Hayes presided as emcee, introducing Bruce to a new set of fans.

Dan and Debbie Sullivan were on hand to sell copies of Bruce's books. 
They run The Book Oasis, a great bookstore in Stoneham, MA.

Defying the weather, Bruce got a good crowd for weeknight.

As always, Bruce entertained everyone with tales of his 27 years of service on the Portland Police force, and his writing and publishing path.

And then he signed books for the fans. 
Because the books are so good, they sold out of all but one copy! 

A good night, and worth coming out for. Make sure to check out his books, as #3 will be out soon!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Horror Writers at Maine Moxie Festival

This weekend was another first, as I attended the Maine Moxie Festival, a grand traditional event back up in my old stomping grounds. And I got a ringside seat for the parade, as a few of us writers (who are known to write horror, among other things) set up a table to sell our books.
Left is Scott Goudsward, and R is Peter Dudar
 To see an interview with Peter, click here.

Not seen is April Hawks, who was also with us.
And writer Nickolas Furr dropped by to chat-- and buy books (Thanks, Nick!)

So the parade got underway

Guess these guys love a little crime and mystery fiction

You know you're in Maine when the moose are in the parade...

Must be the new national Space Force

Where the horses take it easy...

 And there were even goats-- maybe in honor of Peter's latest book, The Goat Parade?

It was a great day of meeting people, selling books, and watching a genuine American town come together for something good.

And speaking of nice people, here's my new fan Danielle, from the hotel, who just had to get a copy of Halls of Horror.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Authors and Politicians Appear at Chelmsford Farmer's Market

Throughout the Summer, the Chelmsford Common hosts a Saturday Farmers' Market from 10-2.

One of our local writing groups, the Society of Independent Publishers and Authors (SIPA) has decided to join the fun and set up a table on some Saturdays for authors to sell books. Yesterday was our first time, on an absolutely perfect day weatherwise.

I had my books set up in the racks, but the wind came and blew the books out of them. So had to have a flat display from then on. No worries.

We even had politicians, like Dan Koh, who's running for Congress for the first time, Richard Howe, who's running for Register of Deeds (and is also an author), and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh!

One woman there is putting together an event to address a tragedy. Check out Live for Liv on Facebook for the upcoming Run and Ride.

So a great day meeting new fans and enjoying the much cooler weather. Come on down and check out the Saturday happenings.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sisters in Crime Rock the Barnes and Noble

We had quite a great day at the Barnes and Noble UCONN bookstore in Hartford, CT. It was an Author Fest for members of Sisters in Crime, a group of mystery authors meeting the store browsers and selling and signing their books.

Store manager Laurie Bompart and crew made us feel welcome and did a ton of publicity to ensure a successful day.

Ursula Wong by just one of our notices

A new fan for my Zack Taylor series buying his first book of the series- he also bought from at least four other authors!

Some authors had friends drop by. Here's Connie Johnson Hambley with a fan.

We had a spacious area to set up and display our books.

The authors sat in pairs at table displays on both levels.
Here's Marian Lanouette and Ursula Wong

Coralie Jensen and Lisa Lieberman

Katy Lee and Kathy Orzech

 Mark Dressler and Sharon Healy-Yang

Peggy Gaffney and Nikki Wollfolk

Robin Ray and Maureen Boyle

Steve Liskow and Sarah Osborne

Each author got to go to the podium and talk about themselves or their work. Some read excerpts from their books. 

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