Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Crime Bake 2022

Well-- another Crime Bake has come and gone. This mystery writer conference was wonderful, filled with nice people who write about crime and murder.

Yeah, seems counter-intuitive. But what a great group, supportive and co-operative.

Where to start? With an A for Avram Lavinsky, shown below.

Avram had a good event, with an Honorable Mention for the Al Blanchard Award (shown below), a story in the current anthology, Deadly Nightshade, his first panel, and another story currently out. 

Here he is with another A, Adelene Ellenberg. She was instrumental in a lawsuit that stopped a town from being poisoned! Can't wait to read that book! 

And for the Flashwords contest (150-word story with keywords), here are the champs

Maureen Milliken at the mic, with Mo Walsh.

To see an interview with Maureen, click here

And here's Maureen with her sister Rebecca.

Here's a previous shot of me with the ever-busy Nicole Asselin, who worked the sign-in desk all weekend! 
As moderator, she also rocked a panel with other writer stars.

Another Flashwords champ, Vince O'Neil.

Now let's go through the Rogue's Gallery.
First up is a group. L to R:
To see an interview with BJ, click here

The Queen (sans tiara for Life Achievement), Kate Flora
To see an interview with Kate, click here

A true troublemaker, Lisa Mathews

Yet another troublemaker, Tilia Klebenov-Jacobs
To see an interview with Tilia, click here

To see an interview with Gabriel, click here.

Chris Knopf, with Paula

Dick Cass mugshot
To see an interview with Dick, click here.

The ever-wonderful Hank 
Phillippi Ryan, with Julie Hennrikus

Hans Copek, sans wife Judy

Now let's do some shots!
Photo shots from the bar, that is...
First, the Glamor Brigade
L to R: Scott and Connie Hambley, Ray Daniel, Paula, Doug Grad
To see an interview with Connie, click here
To see an interview with Ray, click here

Caitlin Wahrer with Doug

Tilia, in her Pretty Woman dress

To see an interview with Paula, click here

The two Connies: Connie Berry and Connie Hambley

Stephen Rogers (not Captain America, but close to it)
To see an interview with Stephen, click here

Jeanne Cosmos, with Matt

Avram, Tilia, Lisa

James Bond and friends

Some other folks at the con

To see an interview with Edith, click here

Susan Oleksiw

Leslie Wheeler, selling copies of the excellent anthology 

And the folks at Ingram Publishing, a key sponsor of the event
Alex Ashworth and Bailey Yeager

Now to recover and get ready for the holidays!