Sunday, June 27, 2021

Featured in a National Magazine

Now I'm getting some wider appeal. I'm featured in the Killer Nashville Magazine, a mystery publication put out by the folks of the Killer Nashville mystery conference. They've revived this pub, and I'll be having an article in there every two weeks. 

My article is The Changed World of Publishing, and it talks about how publishing has changed for all writers, and how one can take advantage of the freedom offered now. 

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Our big night at the Literary Crawl of the Boston Book Festival

We had the most terrific night at the Literary Crawl of the Boston Book Festival.

I was there with fellow writers from the Sisters in Crime. It was my first live book event in a year and a half, held in the lovely Starlight Square in Cambridge. 

Perfect weather brought a big crowd to hear six of us put together a mystery from audience suggestions.

The audience was into it, and we had a lot of fun for everyone crafting a mystery story on the spot. 

Here's some of those attending: L to R are Clea Simon, Sarah Smith, Kate Flora, Leslie Wheeler, and myself. Not in the shot is fellow panelist Carolyn Wilkins

Here are the ladies with the booksellers at the event from All She Wrote Books

And the booksellers set things up to sell books for us. Great getting new fans!

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Latest Novel Out

 Got the latest novel out in ebook form, with print and audio to follow. 

This one's a change of pace.

Welcome to Resurrection, a former mining company town with too many dark secrets, where science and religion form a shady alliance. Sixteen-year-old Judy Winstead is forced to move there with her recently widowed mother, but finds few allies among the tight-lipped townsfolk. People who stand out or speak out endanger themselves, while dreadful experiments and worse take place in the caverns and tunnels beneath the town. 

You can get it here for now.