Saturday, January 13, 2018

Don Kaplan Book Launch at NE Mobile Bookfair

It was a busy week at the New England Mobile Bookfair
First, they graciously hosted the monthly meeting of the local chapter of the Mystery Writers of America.
We had a terrific guest speaker, Josh Brogadir, a TV personality, narrator, and voiceover artist, who spoke on producing audiobooks.

And I got this pic of my Zack Taylor mystery series on prominent position at the MWA display at the front of the store, with a featured writeup and recommendations from pro writers.
I'm on the right, the store mascot is on the left. Perhaps a naming contest?  Jasper Giraffe?

And Lisa Lieberman found her book on display as well.

So the next night, we came back to support the book launch of MWA author Don S. Kaplan.

The store was well prepared for the crowd of buyer attendees, with many copies of his previous book, and the new one, Thief Executive Officer.

 Don's also talented in music, and he and a friend serenaded us beforehand. 

Even had celebrities! Store owner Tom Lyons (R) with someone you'll recognize if you live in New England and have ever seen a commercial for Jordan's Furniture.

A number of Don's MWA fellow member authors came out in support.
Here's Judy Copek, Dave Zeltserman, and Hans Copek.
To see an interview with Dave, click here.

And author Ray Daniel, Editor Supreme Karen Salemi, and Jay Shepherd.
To see an interview with Ray, click here.

So Tom gave Don a great intro for a short reading period.

And there was a great crowd, because Don's a popular guy!

 After the reading, Don signed books