Friday, August 7, 2009


One of our basic American tenets is the freedom to speak our mind, and let others speak theirs. Public civility in debate and discourse is more than decency and manners, it is a cornerstone of our life, what makes a society livable.

At least it should be. But now we have a bunch of yahoos who don't believe in America and what it stands for. They are the groups going around disrupting public informational meetings that discuss the possibility of us getting healthcare. Public forums for discussion and information-- what a concept! Except that certain cave-dwelling thugs will go to any lengths to stifle any dissemination of ideas and information.

It's difficult to imagine how these fascist morons can call themselves Americans. Got a contrary opinion? Fine-- take your turn at the mike, state your case, and let others do the same. That's what it's all about. But these disgusting bullies don't like American values, they want a shoutdown of anything they don't agree with. So they show up en masse and in some cases illegally swarm a legitimate public forum and bring in intimidation and the possibility of violence. Way to make your case, bozos!

The ones who aren't misguided (the "No healthcare for me" party) are paid stooges and goons from the big companies that make obscene profits from keeping us from having decent affordable healthcare. Yeah, they're bussing in jackal packs so they can keep ripping us off. The big profiteers are spending billions to ensure they can keep stealing from us with "for profit" care.

Debate is healthy and necessary, especially on such a life-and-death issue that affects us all. Forcing a shutdown of that debate is wrong, and shows that those who do it are in the wrong. They are desperate, because for the first time in years, people are actually expecting our representatives to do something for us. But the big "providers" are willing to let us die, as long as they keep making the big bucks.

Anyone who won't allow debate isn't part of the debate anymore. When they break the law, let's see how they like the crappy healthcare in jail. Bet they'll change their tune then!

The quickest way to get decent healthcare for all of us would be to strip the benefits from those politicians responsible for making the decisions. They get a cushy ride, paid for by us. Take that away, and you'd get the fastest bill ever to sail through the House and Senate.

But for now, let's keep the debate going. Keep these goons from hijacking the legitimate process. Contact your representatives and let them know this is the most important thing they'll ever do, and that you're watching to see how they vote!

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