Sunday, September 27, 2009

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It's been a busy time. Work and home life have kept me occupied and writing too little. But we pause for enjoyable things, like what we did yesterday. My family and I went to Maine to attend the Common Ground Fair (

It was the perfect day, sunny and cool, the crisp weather a Fall backdrop. This is a festival of good, locally grown organic food, and you work up quite an appetite walking around the grounds, seeing all the displays. It's also about people working to make their world better, striving for peace and a sense of community and healthy lifestyles. Doesn't get much better than that, and the vibe is thoroughly positive. If you like your food irradiated and covered with pesticides, don't look for it here. The produce isn't from multinationals using illegal labor, but from families in Maine working their own land for the benefit of all.

When I'm there, I see a better way of thinking, of people striving to make our prescence on this planet a sustainable one. There's a lot of thought about alternative energies, of getting our power from natural sources, so we don't have to invade other countries and embroil ourselves in endless wars. There's also the way of life without poisoning our air, water, and food, a great concept in my book. If more people could think and act in these positive ways, we might actually have a chance to stick around with a good life. Food for thought.

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