Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Roman Polanski and Values

So years ago, film director Roman Polanski raped a child, and skipped bail to avoid prosecution. He was allowed his freedom because nobody chased him. Recently, he strayed outside his safe zone, and got nabbed. So what did they do? Released him! Oh, my, house arrest in his mansion! The cruelty!

Some dimbulbs have spoken out in his defense, as if raping a child is inconsequential because Polanski made a couple of movies they like. Wow. How's that for values? Amazing how people can rationaize the most disgusting of crimes. So he got away with it until now- throw the SOB in jail and see how he likes rape when he's the victim.

For an insightful and deliriously funny satirical commentary, read the following:

This is my new favorite website, where Sean Lindsay argues that the world doesn't need more mediocre writing, so he encourages mediocre writers to stop. Yes, this hits me right where I live, and I still find it hilarious. Lots of funny stuff on the site.

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