Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Great Book

There's a great book out, which gives us all hope for the future. There are so many doom-and-gloom tomes around, you get to feeling a trifle paranoid.

For a switch, read "The Empathic Civilization" by Jeremy Rifkin. He's got a better take on history, not that we're all headed down the poop chute, but rather that we're getting more empathic, and that's good, because if we do, we could survive. (So, yeah, there's a caveat. But anyone who thinks we can go on waging war forever without a threat to us all is dangerously deluded.)

He gives compelling evidence, and makes a great case. Well done. Despite what we have seen in this country since 2000-- a complete lack of empathy from our leaders, elected and not-- many other people are getting it, and moving toward empathy.

I like to believe in hope for this human race and this planet. When I was born, there were no civil rights, and segregation was the law of the land. Not anymore, it's illegal to discriminate.

The Berlin Wall kept thousands trapped, and many died trying to get out. The Wall is gone now, a historical artifact.

Apartheid was also law in South Africa, and that's gone now as well.

Over and over, people are getting it. Sure, there are some throwbacks, but let's hope evolution takes care of them. We're all on Lifeboat Earth, folks, and better take care of each other. When you help others, you help yourself.

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