Sunday, October 17, 2010

Annoying pop-up ads

Here's a note to website developers: don't be stupid!

I regret to say, many are being so. The new fad is putting links on their page that pop up to a wasteful, totally annoying ad when you roll over it. Lots of them. Probably because some clown told them they'd make tons of money if they did.

Here's a tip, dimbulbs-- the quickest way to get me (and many others) to leave your website and never return is to scatter these stupid pop-ups all over your page. You think you'll make money? You'll LOSE money, because NO ONE wants to see these things! What in the hell is wrong with you? When people get annoyed at a website, they DON'T RETURN!!! You'd better get that quick, before the site owner wonders why they're not getting traffic anymore. And if it's the owner telling you to put them in, tell them it's the quick way to website suicide. People click links to see cool things, not ads. When you put these in, you're insulting your viewers, and we do not like it.

Greed makes people stupid, and stupid people get greedy. They go hand in hand. Here's a trend that needs to stop-- NOW.

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