Saturday, November 13, 2010


In a sport magazine, one of the columnists wrote on how proud he is to be a rules hacker in tournaments, and detailed some examples. Some people wrote in to defend his attitude. Me, I was disgusted.

In sport, there are concepts of sportsmanship and fair play that go hand-in-hand with honor and personal integrity. What this guy advocates has nothing to do with this.

He attempts to make a distinction between his beliefs and actions and those of outright cheaters. But it's a blurry line, when they share the same contempt for an ethical code, and the same philosophy that "winning" is more important. Why should people believe or trust anyone who boasts how much he can "bend" the rules but claims he won't "break" them? Bend something long enough, it'll break. If you live in a bordello, pardon us for not buying your avowed chastity.

Anyone who "wins" with this type of reprehensible behavior is no champion, but just a pathetic loser. Any prize they might swipe is merely a tarnished badge of shame. Unethical actions and a lack of moral fiber cheapen the meaning of sport, making it a meaningless and soiled activity, with prizes for the most blatant rules hack. Better that competitions go away than these "sharp practice" advocates go on demonstrating their rule-bending cunning.

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