Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dealing With Rejection

So while still riding high from the great praise for my story "Heartsounds," out at Every Day Fiction, today I get two story rejections, and the notice that another market I've submitted to has folded up shop, leaving my story in limbo.

My way of dealing with rejection is working that much harder for success. Sent all three stories to new markets. I'll repeat as necessary until each finds a home, while writing more.

One market had a requirement word length, so I had to trim 700 words from a story, about 15%. Not easy, to keep the quality, but it worked. Takes time, though, as does reformatting for specifications. You can spend a lot of time redoing a story for a few-dollar market.

Now I'm researching another place to send something else. Writing the stuff takes time, and finding a home for it takes more time, and getting the word out even more. This is why writers live more than one life- we have to!

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