Sunday, May 22, 2011

Different Strokes

While publicizing my recently-released mystery novel, I found a posting on a site where people were dumping on my publishing company-- but none of them knew anything about it, and most had incorrect information. Some just seemed like shills for the big-house traditional pub companies, and they trashed the whole idea of going outside that world to publish. Are they that afraid of independent publishers? Good!

It's a lot of time and effort to convince others that they can't succeed. When you see that someone has posted thousands of times, you wonder if they're really writers, or just spend all their time posting about writing.

Well, I'm a writer, but I put out a brief disclaimer, trying to correct the misinformation. Then there were repostings, with one person questioning or attacking almost everything I said. They included a bunch of blatant falsehoods as well. I posted a reply, saying that different options now exist, despite what people want to believe.

I'd love to tear into the falsehoods, one by one, but as someone said, "Don't get in a mudfight, because everyone gets mud on them."

So this is me being diplomatic...


  1. If there's one thing I've noticed, it's that there's no use trying to win debates with people who won't listen. I'd advise you to avoid wasting time on people who argue for the sake of argument. Tearing into each falsehood one by one might satisfy, but it's time consuming and how much benefit will you gain? You have much better things to do with your time now. Believe me. :-)

  2. Debbi, you're so right. When I see that they've posted thousands of times, I know that they spend all their valuable time and effort tearing apart the choices of others. I do dislike people advocating total falsehoods, though.

    Time is the most valuable commodity right now, as I'm busy promoting A Memory of Grief. It's been out a week now, and we've had good starting sales, a newspaper article, a possible radio interview, I just scored a good reviewer, and am getting the word out in many different paths. Yikes! Wonder when I'll get to write again!

  3. Two words: time management. Also, you'll learn to focus your marketing on the things that give you the most bang for your buck, so to speak. In general, I think using your blog and Twitter will serve you well toward that end.

    Amazon has Listmania lists and tagging. These are examples of things people use to try to promote their work.

    You might also think about online resources: Kindle Nation Daily, Frugal eReader, etc. These resources can get the word out more efficiently and with less work on your part. Giving you more time to write.

    The main thing is to set aside a designated amount of time for marketing and a designated amount of time for writing every day. Mark it on your calendar and try your best to keep to schedule.

    Once you've done one, you can do the other knowing you've gotten it out of the way. :)

    Hope this helps.