Sunday, June 12, 2011

Getting Connected

It's official- I've become a Twit. Yes, I've been convinced to join Twitter, to use it as a tool for communication and promotion.

So does that mean I can no longer disparage it as the death of meaningful communication?

And now I've got to learn another new thing, and read all the other twit droppings, and try to post something meaningful. Going to post my first one tonight.

In other news, thank you, dear readers, for stopping by here and perusing my musings. Another blogger, the tireless mystery writer Debbi Mack nominated me for a “Not a Cookie Cutter Blog Award,” started by Ken Hoss.

Rules for the "Not a Cookie Cutter Blog Award"
1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
2. Dance around in circles and sing, “It’s a small world” while eating a chocolate cupcake.
3. Disregard #2
4. Share 5 things you do in your spare time. (Providing you have any spare time.)
5. Pass this award along to 5 deserving blog buddies.
6. Contact them and let them know

So- here we go:
1. Thank you, Debbi. But I'll get you back. I'm old and sneaky.
2. No way. I'm off bad carbs, and hate the song.
3. Excellent!
4. Write, read, spend time with family, write, and spend too much time on social media.
Katherine Tomlinson
Blake Northcott
Valerie Rushanan
I E Lester
Jennifer Pelland

6. Gotta go do that...


  1. LOL! Well done, Dale! :)

    The world's eyes will be on your blog in no time, at this rate. :)

  2. Dale, we all succumb to the social media eventually. It's futile to resist, we have to change with the technology. I was a reluctant convert to "tweeting", though now I'm glad I gave in. There are so many great people to meet.

  3. Yeah, it's like drugs-- get a little taste, meet some cool people, want MORE! The you're hooked. I know your type, you two.