Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lots of News

So much happening in writing this month!
1. Just heard that my poem "The Sorcerer and the Maid" was accepted by Silver Blade magazine, and will appear in the upcoming issue, #12.

2. My mystery novel "A Memory of Grief" is being reviewed by Shelleyrae at Book'd Out next week, at: www.bookdout.wordpress.com

3. "A Memory of Grief" is also now available in libraries in the Merrimack Valley! Thanks to the Tyngsboro Library, where our Writing Group is hosted.

4. The Crime Bake Mystery convention is this weekend!

5. My first official book club talk is next Monday.

6. "A Fall From Grace," the second book in the Zack Taylor mystery series, and follow-up to "A Memory of Grief," is being released before the end of the month!

Not to mention writing more novels and stories, and looking for a way to create a website storefront to sell the writing. I need a personal assistant, a publicist, and a development team!

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