Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Data Point for Decision

For any writer trying to decide whether to jump into publishing or wait around to "win the New York lottery" of traditional big-house publishing, here's another good data point from Rob Cornell, on the 5 reasons he went indie.

This is the insanity of the old method-- a writer who is told their writing and manuscript are good-- by the pros, mind you-- who also say they can't make enough money off it to make it worth publishing. WTF? The mystery market is down? On what planet?

Enter the world of Do-It-Yourself. And so Rob did, and now has books for sale. Voila. He took control, and is now published, instead of continuing to wait for supposed professionals to pull their respective heads from nether orifices.

As for the NY big-pub trad world, it's hard to sympathize with someone digging their own grave and who tells everyone they know what they're doing.

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