Monday, June 18, 2012

Writers With Day Jobs

Great post about writers with day jobs.

One of the most frequent questions I get about writing is:
"If you've got a day job and are doing all this promoting, when on earth do you find time to write?"

Truth to tell is that sometimes I don't. And when I do, it's at the expense of something else. Like relaxing at night after a hard day's work. Instead, I get to work until bedtime. Consequently, I watch a lot less television than most people.

Because I've got goals in mind. I've got good stories to tell, a lot of them, and I don't know how much more time I've got. So it's a race to get out as many as I can.

It's been a good year, this last one, for my publishing. In one year, I published two good novels and a number of story collections, while writing other books and stories and poems. Better than some writers do in a number of years.

Takes a lot out of you, though. I had a busy weekend, and am still recovering. I'd rather kick back tonight and watch some boob tube while letting my brain slide into a vegetative state. Or read a good book, one of the many on my to-be-read pile.

But the stories await...

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