Sunday, September 9, 2012

New stories, lots of Work

Howdy. It's been a productive week- probably the previous vacation time helped to clear the mental buffers and pave way for this.

Sent a story off last Monday.

Tuesday, started a new story. Finished it on Wednesday and sent it off.

Thursday, saw a notice of a new anthology with specific instructions for what they wanted.
Got sparked, and began a new story, The Atomic Kid.

Four days of work, and I thought I'd nailed it by this afternoon. Then I noticed the required word count meant I had to add another half-story in. So I took another 5 hours (missing the Patriot's first regular-season game in the process) to finish up and submit. 5000 words is a good-size story.

All I can say is-- Phew!

I had a big list of things to get done. But it took all day to finish one thing. That's the way writing goes sometimes.

But I'm happy. This is what successfulw writers do.

That was my "weekend off". How was yours?

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