Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Shadow on the Wall Coming Soon- and Big Holiday Giveaway

This is the 400th posting on this blog-- and to celebrate, we've got some
great news for you!

First- we're in the editing stages of A Shadow on the Wall, the third Zack
Taylor mystery, out soon from Rosstrum Publishing.

This is the long-awaited followup to A Fall From Grace, and Zack gets into even deeper trouble.

If that's not enough of a Christmastime gift for you, how's this?
To celebrate the holiday season, a bunch of authors and publishers decided to get in the spirit of things-- and we're all giving away free ebooks and stories!

Wow, you say-- how do I get some of that? Look below for authors and links.
Follow directions to email them, or leave a comment on their blog (with your email) and tell them which book of theirs you'd like to win!

Around Christmas, each author will select a lucky winner for each book, and notify each person on how to collect.

Feel free to enter on all author sites-- giving you mutiple chances to win!

Here's the current list, but check back on this page-- we'll add more books as other authors get in the giving mood! Most books are available in multiple ebook formats.

Debbi Mack, NY Times Best-Selling author, is offering her Sam McRae mystery, Riptide:
To enter to win, go to her blog My Life on the Mid-List and leave a comment saying, "I'd like to win Riptide."

Vlad Vaslyn is offering Brachman's Underworld, novel of Stephen King-like horror.
And a copy of Yorick, a creepy novella.
To enter to win, go to his site and give him your info.

Cathy Dougherty is offering In Polyester Pajamas, a fun read of women's fiction:
To enter to win, go to her site and give her your info.

Rich Feitelberg, fantasy author, is offering two stories:
Sans Boat
The Last of Her Kind
Go to his blog and enter a comment stating which item you want, and in what format (PDF, Kindle, ePub). Be sure to include a valid email address.

Katherine Tomlinson has three to give:
Toxic Reality
Poisoned Teat
12 Nights of Christmas
Go to her blog and comment, telling her which book you want (leave your email). She'll pick winners on December 20.

Pete Morin is donating a book and a story:
Diary of a Small Fish
Club Dues
Drop him an email and let him know what you'd like.

Brian Hammar has got a pair of books and a pair of stories for you as well:
Wind Castle
Anastasia's Quest for Wind Castle
Fisherman's Justice
Drop him an email and let him know what you'd like:

Ann Everett is offering her books:
Laid Out and Candle Lit
You're Busting My Nuptuals
Check her website and send her a message via any of her contact points, and say "Ann, I'd like to win... (your choice)"

Rosstrum Publishing is offering a slew of books, both fiction and non-fiction!
Go to the website to check out the books, select Contact Us, and leave them an email with your book desire.

How to Improve Your Interviewing Skills

366 Tips for a Successful Job Search

Lawless in Brazil



The Dave Maynard Spin (Coming soon- check the website)

And of course, there's my offerings-- I'm giving you a shot at all of them!
Leave a comment on this blog (with an email), or email me, and tell me what you'd like to win!
You can enter for multiple books, but you can only win one.

A Memory of Grief

A Fall From Grace

A Shadow on the Wall (Coming soon- check the website)

Crooked Paths

Fables and Fantasies

Apocalypse Tango

Strange Tales

Halls of Horror #1

Halls of Horror #2

Jumble Sale

Any of the stories, too:

Froggy Went A Courting

Our New Queen

The Little Guy

Blades and Butchery

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