Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Great Review

Hello there-- sorry I've been quieter than usual-- still working on edits to A Shadow on the Wall, the third Zack Taylor novel. Very tough to make every line, every scene as good as it can be.

While waiting for that to come out, here's a review I just received of the first Zack Taylor book,
A Memory of Grief. Got a rating just short of "Great." Not too shabby for a debut novel!

REVIEW:  In “A Memory of Grief” by Dale Phillips there is a line that I first questioned “Taylor is a loner who makes friends easily…” which I thought was odd.  When you read this novel you then understand it.  It is a fast paced conversation packed novel.  The eastern seaboard is well travelled within this novel and Dale shares his novel with descriptions that are bountiful in nature.  Therein lies a recognizable theme and plot.  The settings are described with enough detail to provide a mental picture.  The setting of the eastern seaboard and Maine are essential to Dale’s storyline.  It is very clear who the protagonist and antagonist are here.  The dialogue is easy to read and flows well within this story.  It is grammatically correct with accurate punctuation as well.  There are no conflicts within that need to be resolved.  There is a climax to this story as well.  Dale Phillips point of view was consistent and easy to follow.  Enjoy this work of fiction based in Maine and around murder and mayhem for the main character Taylor. “A Memory of Grief” has the perfect title and the tale that ensues will keep you on your toes and pinned to your seat as you will not want to put it down.  Your imagination will run wild until you get back to it.  No way to put this down, for me, because of the fast paced action. Drama, action, conversations and storyline are a delight to read.  It is with high hopes that we see another novel by Mr. Phillips.
Anastasia Cassella-Young, Reviewer
Mind Fog Reviews

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