Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Truth Hurts

Noted best-selling author Barry Eisler gave an address (On Digital Denial) at the Pike's Peak Writers Convention. You can read all about the fallout here on Joe Konrath's site.

The gist of it is, Barry once more told a few truths that sent Big Publishers and agents harumphing over the Internet, saying all kinds of crap.

The buggy-whip salespeople really hate it when people get the truth. They piss and moan on their social media sites, but they do not engage Barry in actual debate, though he and others invite it.

They won't, because he's right. He tells the truth, and they bloody well know it, but they don't want anyone hearing it.

Come on, industry apologists, if you think he's full of pony poop, have the stones to come out and engage in a discussion and debate.

You don't dare, because he'll shred you with the truth.

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