Saturday, December 7, 2013

More Busier Time, Big Signing, Audio and Book Releases,

Yeah, it's been quite a thrill ride. Recently had the annual Gala Mystery Night at the New England Mobile Bookfair, where a big group of mystery authors were on hand to sign books and chat with patrons. Great night of fun, seeing a lot of familiar faces.

Some cool pics here.

And I got a phone call while we were there, a friend telling me he was watching me on TV.
The interview I did with Dean Contover is up. click the link, and look for the list of shows under The Current Buzz. Find the link with my name, and click to watch. 30 minutes of pure entertainment.  ;-)

We've had some sales of Fables and Fantasies, my first fiction audio book.
If you'd like a free copy, drop me a line.

Still waiting for the audios of two books to be released by Audible, Apocalypse Tango and Strange Tales.

We have a finished audio production of Crooked Paths done, and that will be up by mid-December.
Halls of Horror and Jumble Sale are still in production.

Just got my print proof of Shadow of the Wendigo. Looks great, and print copies will soon be available. The ebook is ready now, if you'd rather one of those.

And we've got a new book coming: The Big Book of Genre Stories, with 30 tales in 5 different genres. Plenty of reading for your Christmas vacation.

Am working on a newsletter, my first one.

So how's your December?

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