Sunday, February 2, 2014

Winery, Groundhogs, Football, and Fiction Contest

Hey there- Happy Groundhog Day! Hope you don't have to face it over and over.
It IS a fun movie, though...

Someone said there's a football game on today? Nah, the Patriots aren't playing, so it's not really football, right?

Had a blast at the Author Night at the Winery last Friday night. Wine, books, and authors were there to greet the public and sign books. Good wine, too. Here's the writeup.
Thanks to Chris Obert of Pear Tree Publishing for setting this up.

Tomorrow night, Monday, I'm judging the Flash Fiction contest for the regional competition of the New Hampshire Writer's Project, along with Jackie Malone and James Patrick Kelly.
Looks to be a fun time. Come on by if you're around.

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