Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another Story Sale! Our view confirmed! Big BBC Sci-Fi Show Coming!

Well, I've just sold my story "Dead Man's Hand" to a publication on my third continent! Voluted Tales, out of Australia, joins publications in North America and Europe as places that have accepted my stories. The remaining ones may be tougher to get into...
Should be up within the next month- will send out the link.

In other news, our guest post on Giving Our Way to Success on Joe Konrath's influential publishing blog gets confirmed on another big blog from Joanna Penn today, on Why Indie Authors Need A Team. Absolutely right, and one of the things we were pointing out in our post. Joanna Penn is one of the people we give a shoutout to in the post as one who helps other writers with her information sharing.

And this Saturday, the BBC America channel is showing The real history of science fiction, a 4-part series. I believe it starts at 10. Check it out- looks awesome!

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