Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day. Happy Bloomsday

It's been a great Father's Day for me, with lots of love from my family.

Pretty cool, since I'd never planned on having one. A lovely woman made me change my mind about kids, and am so happy she did, because I've got great ones.

Went outside, and it was a staggeringly beautiful day, cool and breezy and sunny. I felt the need to see the sea, and off we bopped to Newburyport. Strolled along the quay, browsed through shops, ate a superb lunch outdoors in the shade, and watched the boats dance on the water. I felt relaxed and at peace. Needed that. Certain days should be enjoyed to the fullest extent.
Pics below.

And tomorrow is Bloomsday (Juneteenth), a celebration in honor of Leopold Bloom, the character from the pen of James Joyce. Not everyone can get through Ulysses, but there's some fun stuff in there. Happy Bloomsday. Hit Wikipedia for more info.

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