Saturday, September 5, 2015

Free- Insanity Tales Giveaway

Hello again- good news! The second Insanity Tales anthology, Insanity Tales II- The Sense of Fear, will soon be out. The advance reviews have been spectacular! And we're getting an Introduction from the talented Joe McKinney.

So we the authors have put up a special event- we're giving away 3 print copies of the first Insanity Tales to pique your interest. It's a Goodreads giveaway, so just follow this link to enter for a chance to win!

To make sure you win something, we'll even offer you a free audiobook (a $14.95 value) of the first Insanity Tales, spoken by noted audio narrator Fred Wolinsky. Just shoot me an email so I can send you instructions on how to download the free audiobook! Check out a sample here.

Here's the cover for the first, and book II is also going to be creepy and unsettling!

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