Monday, December 7, 2015

Great Night at the New England Mobile BookFair

We had the annual Gala Mystery Night at the New England Mobile BookFair, and once again it was the must-do event of the year. Lots of top authors signing their mystery books for shoppers.

There's a writeup here, with lots of pics from the event.

Best of all, this year's Robert B. Parker Award was given to Kate Mattes, who for so many years ran Kate's Mystery Books. She did so much for mystery fans and writers in this area, and the award was well-deserved.

As far as scheduled book shows for me, that's it for the rest of the year. Nothing on the books, which is good. I can concentrate on getting more work out. Last year at this time, I was completely burnt out, and it was tough getting through the holidays. Always trying to do too much, and it gets to you at times. Would love to focus on the holiday season.

Plenty of projects in the works, though. Lots of writing that needs to happen. How about you? What do you have left lingering at the end of the year? Did you accomplish what you planned for this year?

And coming up is an interview with mystery writer Dana King.

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